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Toothaches are annoying to everyone; it hampers your day to day routine and leaves one debilitated for a certain period of time. Knowing the type of pain would ease the anxiety and would hasten the process of finding the solution.
Tooth aches can be of different types.
Sensitivity to Hot and Cold:
Sensitivity occurs when the enamel of our tooth is perforated an d the inner environment of the tooth which includes the dentin and the nerve are exposed to the outer environment. It could be due to a dislodged filling or a new cavity that has started its approach towards the nerve. It also occurs when the gum recedes and goes to a lower level exposing the root of our teeth.
Sharp Pain
A pain that is sharp and stabbing in nature is mostly due to the nerve being exposed due to a cavity. It can occur while eating or while relaxing at the end of your day. It aggravates while lying down. An Xray would confirm the approximation of the cavity to the nerve and also the presence of an infection.
Dull Pressure Pain
This type of pain generally occurs due to your wisdom tooth. An un-erupted wisdom tooth which does not have adequate space to erupt may lie impacted. They constantly put pressure on the adjacent teeth. The pain can be localized in the wisdom tooth area or it can radiate towards the jawline.
Gum Pain
If your gums are sore, swollen and inflamed, this could be a sign of gingivitis or gum disease. For more localised swelling, it could be something as simple as a piece of food lodged between the tooth that has been allowed to sit and irritate the gums. For those with periodontal disease, more extensive treatment may be required, especially if bone loss is present.
Acute Jaw Pain
Jaw Pain could be a result of a disorder in your jaw joint called as TMJ ( temporomandibular joint). A clinical examination would be required to confirm it. It is normally associated with grinding of teeth at night. Your jaw pain could also be associated with an ear infection.
Orofacial Pain
Orofacial pain is a generalized term referring to any type of pain in the mouth or on the face. The majority of all orofacial pain is dental-related, but a growing number of health professionals are realising that orofacial pain can be connected to heart disease and a poor cardiovascular system.
For any type of associated pain it is always advised to visit a dental office rather than finding your home remedy.
Dr Swagat Pranam Sharma, Periodontist and Oral Implantologist
The doctor can be reached atdrswagatpranam@gmail.com
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