June 9, 2023

When there is a disease, there is a need to take more care of the teeth. This happens at many moments in life, and it is that you need to know the relationship between oral health and breast cancer, How should we deal with it at each stage?
According to dentist Eugenia Cervantes, during the earlier stages of the disease, communication between the oncologist and dentist is important to know the patient’s condition prior to chemotherapy.
The specialist declares that it is important to conduct a very detailed examination of the patient, review it periodontal position To identify and treat all oral malformations before starting cancer treatment.
An X-ray and a complete study of his mouth are done, they are very important for clinical diagnosis, but it is also important to support him from the emotional side as well as information that the oncologist and patient can leave me.
teeth cleaning
During the chemotherapy and radiotherapy phase, dental hygiene is important, which is why Dr. Eugenia Cervantes once again stresses the importance of communication with the patient to raise awareness.
Well, any problems arising from cleanliness Could complicate your cancer treatment, They should also be made more aware during chemo as their defenses will not be the same and hence any risk of infection should be avoided.
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