June 8, 2023

LOSING weight can be hard work and it might feel as though you have tried every trick the internet has to offer.
But one expert has now revealed how you can reach your goals without barely changing a thing.
Taking to TikTok, weight loss coach Gerard Hall shared his three 'realistic and foolproof' ways to lose 10kg.
He said while it might sound 'super simple', everyone will be 'perfectly capable' of doing it.
The first thing you need to do, he said is walk for twenty minutes each day.
"That can be around your neighbourhood, on the treadmill, around your apartment, wherever, just get it done," he said.
The guru added that this helps with weight loss as it burns additional calories, therefore putting you in a calorie deficit.
Next up, Gerard said his second tip for weight loss is weight lifting.
"I want you to lift weights for at least 30 minutes three times a week.
"Even if you don't want to get big and bulky, which you won't – even if you lift more times than that," he said.
This he said, will help you build and retain muscle so that you look lean and toned, and will help keep your body's metabolism running faster.
He said that this will also help you to continue to lose weight a lot easier moving forward – and actually keep it off.
If you don't have fancy weights at home, you can always start with things you already have around the house, such as tins of beans or bags of potatoes.
The third hack, he said is all about nutrition.
"Replace one of your meals with a grilled chicken salad – just lettuce and grilled chicken and whatever other veggies you want to throw in there and some light low calorie dressing.
"Then have an apple or banana on the side.
"It's going to help you reduce total calories for the day and help you be in a calorie deficit whilst keeping things tasty."
The guru also explained that you can keep having all of the same meals you usually do, but have three quarters of the portion that you usually have.
"So if you're eating a whole pizza, have three quarters instead and if you do that, you'll make progress," he added.
The NHS says that women should have 2,000 calories each day and that men should have 2,500 in order to maintain a healthy body weight.
However, if you're not at a healthy body weight, then you need to be in a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight.
This means you need to consume fewer calories than you burn.
If you're worried about your weight, you can speak to your GP who might refer you to an NHS weight loss programme.

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