March 26, 2023

Residents of Kumasi with dental and oral health defects are being given the opportunity to correct them free of charge.
Services, including tooth replacement and filling, root canal therapy, dental X-ray, scaling and polishing are being provided at no cost between September 12 and 23.
This is under the benevolence of some foreign volunteers and their local collaborators at the Adventist Hospital at the Valley View University, Kumasi campus.
Dentists say oral hygiene is a health concern that can be complicated.
The authorities of the Adventist Hospital at Valley View University say the 2-week outreach programme is to help meet the dental health needs of the public.
The event coincides with the official opening of the Schiopu Dental Unit of the Adventist Hospital at Oduom.
Similar services would be provided at SDA hospitals at Asamang, Namong, Kwadaso and Techiman.
The VVU Dental Clinic is a one-stop dental facility with 5 dental theatre suites fixed with modern equipment.
Equipped with Dental X-ray, patients accessing corrective therapy are assured of digital but panoramic dental scanning of both upper and lower jaw.
According to Dental Surgeon, Dr. Samuel Marfo Ansah, who is in charge of the Dental Clinic, all complications associated with dental care would be corrected during the exercise.
“We do teeth replacement; both removable and fixing and also orthodontics, functional appliances, surgical extractions, small lesions that have got to do with oral cavity-we do all that here.”
He continued, “As one of the key areas in the body that people do neglect because they have a lot of teeth. We thought it wise, why not start with doing a free outreach to help cater for the dental needs of the people in this community? he quizzed.
“Actually, it was pioneered by some foreign dentists, USTA( United Service To Africa)and also some of the local dentists that are in this country so that we can help make people aware of the need to keep their oral hygiene and also to render services in terms of doing free procedures to help keep their oral hygiene in shape,”  Dr. Marfo added.
Dr. Ansah wants the Ghanaian public to pay attention to their oral health needs the same way they do to other health needs.
“With dental-related problems, the earlier the better because if you are to leave your teeth without having to cater for it every 6-months or at least once a year, when it becomes worst, it becomes very difficult to pay,” he advised.
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