March 26, 2023

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Francois “Jack” Henri LaLanne (RIP), a legendary fitness and nutrition guru as a well as a motivational speaker left a lasting legacy in the docket of health and fitness.
One of his remarkable quotes that he is best remembered for and still trends is “Exercise is your king and nutrition is your king. Together they create your Fitness Kingdom”.
LaLanne was emphasizing the power of regular exercising for the body, vis-à-vis following the right etiquette of diety.
For the record, LaLanne opened the first health and fitness club in Oakland, California as far back as 1936 as he supervised weight and exercise training as well as offering nutritional advice.
Years later, many countries have adapted health and fitness clubs business with emphasis to regular exercising with an endeavor to keep maintain fit bodies and bodies.
In Uganda, the Corporate Games strategy is one way that the hitherto busy cluster of personalities at least find time to buy the extra calories, network and train together.
To manoeuvre an extra mile, the organizing team of the Corporate Games have partnered with Instawell, proven fitness, diet and nutrition experts.
Instawell optimally utilized this platform to extend their services and “preach” more about the benefits of healthy living stressing the need to feast on “InstaFIT healthy meals”.
The presence of a psychologist at Instawell’s tent also helped a great deal as they taught about the harmonious control of one’s body, starting with the right state of the mind.
Also, the participants had the opportunity to have their bodies checked for pressure, heart beat, body pulse, weight and height with key recommendations done here and there.
The second outing of the Corporate Games was held on Sunday, 7th August 2022 at the Kyambogo Cricket Oval with different companies represented.
There was action in football, netball, chess, sack-race and woodball (demonstration).
It was business as usual like for all the Corporate Games outings; with socializing, fun-filled sports, team-building, networking to establish new contacts and maintain the existing relations.
The other games that will feature in the Corporate Games are Swimming, Basketball, Corporate Run, Pool and Kwapena which is making its debut.
To ensure a smooth ride of the Corporate Games, the organizers have made strategic partnerships with various organizations as Next Media Services, Radio 4, UBC TV, Baliks Media (event management), Nation Media Group, Node Group (Public relations and marketing), National Enterprise Corporation (water partner) and the fitness and nutrition gurus, Instawell.
Like Lauren Gleisberg stated; “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow”, indeed, Instawell is planning for personalities’ unforeseen future, fitness wise.
Corporate Games: “Inspiring Corporates through Sports”.
David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.
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