March 22, 2023

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If you are struggling with your weight and in search of a product to kickstart weight loss, you are not alone. Based on the recent statistics by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 49% of the US population is trying to lose weight. This makes millions of people unhappy with their weight and frustrated after trying the fad diets, tiresome workouts and no results. An easier way of doing this is through weight loss pills made with natural ingredients, that improve the metabolism and help in weight loss.
This article will cover the best weight loss pills to try in 2022, with a brief introduction of top five metabolic boosters. Let’s look into the pros and cons, price and affordability of each product and choose one that meets the individual needs best.
Top Five Weight Loss Pills In 2022
Here is a list of Best weight loss pills and appetite suppressants, based on customer reviews and popularity. Choose any of the following according to your weight loss goal, and budget.
PhenQ (Total Body Weight Loss)
Leanbean (Diet Pills For Women Exclusively)
PrimeShred (Hardcore Burner For Men)
Phen24 (24 Hours Non Stop Fat Burning)
TrimTone (Natural Phentermine For Women)
Let’s start understanding what makes these diet pills so famous and successful.
PhenQ  (Total Body Weight Loss)
PhenQ is an advanced metabolic booster and natural appetite suppressant made with plant-based ingredients. According to the official website, it is an all-in-one pill that fixes the key issues in metabolism and helps in weight loss. The benefits of this formula are unlimited, but primary benefits include metabolic boost, quick weight loss, and immunity boost. The ingredients chosen to make this product are a part of common food sources. Once inside the body, they fill in for the nutritional deficiencies and remove the risk factors that make it hard to lose weight. It is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly formula suitable for adult users in achieving their weight-related goals.
Best About PhenQ Fat Burner: there are so many reasons that make PhenQ so distinctive among the rest. For example;
It burns body fat much faster than any other means, remedy, or product. As mentioned before, it uses the power of thermogenesis to generate heat and melt fat. At the same time, it controls appetite, and these two working together ensure no fat gain irrespective of diet.
PhenQ ingredients work on preventing fat accumulation, which means no new fat cells will be formed. This is done at a cellular level, where gene regulation changes how the body deals with fat. This fat accumulation control makes the weight loss journey better and more successful than losing weight with diet only.
It raises energy levels and reduces the chances of experiencing any lethargy or weakness caused by losing weight. Usually, when the body starts burning fat, it can suffer from low energy, which affects both physical and mental health at the same time. But there is no such risk if you are using PhenQ diet pills.
PhenQ Ingredients: there are different proprietary blends inside PhenQ pills, made with premium natural ingredients. The exact amount of the ingredients added is not shared, but the value of the ingredients does not exceed a safe limit.
This formula contains α-Lacys Reset® (a mixture of Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Cysteine), which works on metabolism and activates thermogenesis inside. It also encourages muscle recovery and faster fat burn from all body parts. Next, it has Capsimax Powder (made with Capsicum, Piperine, Caffeine, and Niacin). These ingredients burn weight fast and prevent fat accumulation. Caffeine energizes the body and retains high energy levels. While niacin controls hormonal health and cholesterol. Another ingredient in this formula is chromium, which controls cravings, and maintains sugar levels to avoid the risk of diabetes. Other ingredients, including caffeine anhydrous, nopal fiber, and L-carnitine, work on maintaining the weight loss struggles and making them more fruitful.
The daily recommendation is two capsules of this supplement, one before breakfast and the second before lunch. Please do not take it in the evening or before bedtime. The caffeine in this formula may delay sleep and boost energy levels. Limit your caffeine intake to avoid jittery effects and hyperactivity caused by caffeine overdose.
Pricing Details: PhenQ pills come in a pack of 60 caps, and one bottle is enough for one whole month. The results may take three to six months to show, which means it will take three or six bottles for the weight loss transformation. This product is only available online and cannot be purchased from local sources. The price of one bottle is $69.95, which drops when you buy bundle packs. There are no delivery charges for a short time, no matter how many bottles you order.
The company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders. During this time, you can test this product and see how effective it is in weight loss. In case no results show up or the results are very slow, contrary to your expectations, you can return the product and get a full refund of your money without losing anything.
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Leanbean  (Diet Pills For Women Exclusively)
Leanbean is one of the most famous appetite suppressants and weight loss supplements with high sales. According to the official website, it is a metabolic booster that works by fixing the underlying issues affecting body weight. Within a few weeks of taking this supplement, the stomach feels fuller, with no food cravings, control appetite, and faster fat burn. This type of weight loss is healthy and is free from any side effects. People that are looking for an effortless weight loss can try this product without any concerns. The reason that makes this product so exclusive is that it has cognitive benefits too. So, weight loss is no longer a tiresome and frustrating experience; the body loses weight, and there is no effect on the person’s focus, memory, mood, or behavior, all because of Leanbean pills.
Leanbean Ingredients: this formula has a long list of ingredients, each of which plays a part in weight loss. These ingredients are scientifically proven for their benefits, and as a combination, their effects are synergized.
To start with, Leanbean has glucomannan which curbs food cravings and saves from unnecessary eating. Choline and chromium picolinate in it burn the body much faster by boosting metabolism. They also regulate blood sugar and save from diabetes, which is very common in obese bodies. Next, the formula has vitamin B12 and B6, both offering direct benefits for weight loss. These two raise energy levels and improve muscle functions while the body effectively loses weight. Chloride in this formula fills the electrolytes and saves from lethargy. Zinc controls cravings, and turmeric, green tea, and garcinia lower appetite and relieves inflammation. Other ingredients include acai berries, offering dozens of antioxidants, and Piperine, an ingredient that raises the bioavailability of the entire formula.
There are 180 capsules in each bottle, and this one bottle is enough for the whole month. The company has already shared the dosage guidelines, and every user is advised to read them before using this product.
Best About Leanbean: here are some reasons why Leanbean is considered one of the best metabolic boosters and weight loss supplements per customer experiences.
It is a natural appetite suppressant, and if a person finds it hard to deal with cravings during a diet, this product is the right choice.
Leanbean improves digestion by regulating bowel movement and removal. It also fixes common digestive issues, including bloating, diarrhea, gas, acidity, nausea, and vomiting. Interestingly this product can regulate blood sugar levels and save from insulin resistance by saving the body from glucose dips.
This product is free from any psychoactive effects and habit-forming ingredients. For this reason, it can be used for a very long time without fearing side effects. There is no excuse for low energy and fatigue when a person is using Leanbean diet pills. Being on a restrictive diet can surely offer some help, but it affects energy levels too. With the right ingredients, the energy levels are controlled too, and the body does not feel any weakness. The body experiences improved cognition in the form of better concentration, focus, memory, analytical skills, and decision making too.
Pricing Details: Leanbean weight loss pills are available online and can be purchased from the official website directly. The price of one bottle is $59.99 only, which is something most people can afford. This price reduces with the number of bottles you purchase, and there are no delivery charges for the bulk purchases. There is no subscription plan offered by the company, so save yourself some time and effort and order a bundle pack.
Every order is covered by a 90-day money-back offer, which directly applies to the bottles purchased from the official website. Orders made through random sources will not be covered by the company. For information on refunds, talk to a customer support representative and find help.
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PrimeShred  (Hardcore Burner For Men)
PrimeShred is a blend that helps achieve lean muscles using natural ingredients. According to the official website, it is created for men that thrive on lean mass and do not want to lose any muscle while losing weight. The formula affirms that you will only lose fat, and there will be no effect on muscle health. At the same time, the energy levels are raised, and the workout performance is improved with higher energy. This product is suitable for people that work out regularly, including bodybuilders, sportsperson and athletes. In addition to the regular benefits, this product has a stress-relieving effect, which means it eases stress and fatigue that may affect the weight loss journey in a negative way. Not to forget, this product is scientifically tested and verified for efficacy and safety, but it is suitable for adult users only.
PrimeShred Ingredients: the company has listed all ingredients inside this formula because it is fully confident about it. This product is designed for people suffering from a slow metabolism and poor exercise outcomes. Many times there is a dietary deficiency involved, and without fixing this issue, the body cannot lose weight.
The formula contains ingredients like green tea extract, an antioxidant and nutrients rich compound that clear the body from toxins. It also relieves inflammation and stress and saves from diabetes. Next is cayenne pepper, a natural thermogenic booster that helps achieve satiety. It also has amino acids like L-theanine and L-tyrosine inside, which retain muscle mass while the body loses weight. Bioperine, from the black pepper fruit, enhances nutrient absorption for the body, making these ingredients easily available for it. Other ingredients include Rhodiola extract, green coffee, vitamin b complex and dimethylaminoethanol. Note this formula contains caffeine anhydrous and caffeine from green tea and coffee. It is necessary to check the daily caffeine intake to avoid unwanted effects. Also, do not use this product before sleeping.
Every bottle has 30 servings inside, and the daily dose is three capsules taken with water before breakfast. PrimeShred pills can also be used before a workout, as their benefits improve when combined with exercise. Although the supplement does not need any special diet to work, following a low-calorie diet can help the body lose weight fast.
Best About PrimeShred: based on the information shared by the official website and the customer experiences, here are some reasons that make it a best-seller weight loss formula.
It is a fast fat removal product with visible results within a few weeks. If the user is already going to the gym, the results will take four to eight weeks to start showing up. PrimeShred is specially created for gym enthusiasts that do not want to give up on muscles while losing fat.
The ingredients inside elevate energy levels and do not compromise on them. This energy is then used during the exercises at the gym and brings the best results. In addition to workout improvement, PrimeShred offers a shorter recovery time. It means the body will not take long hours of rest to get over a hard workout.
Pricing Details: PrimeShred can be purchased from the official website for a reasonable price. The real price of this product is much higher but is currently available for $49 per bottle. This price is reduced when you buy more bottles, and the bundle packs are shipped free. There is no other way of purchasing it, and all orders have to be placed on the website for doorstep delivery.
The orders are covered with a 100-day money-back guarantee. If the results are not impressive, you can talk to the company and get a refund of the order value. There is no financial loss, and the company returns this money easily, as it prioritizes customer satisfaction and experience more.
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Phen24 (24 Hours Non Stop Fat Burning)
This is a unique dietary formula that works 24 hours a day and maintains digestive health using two different blends for the day and night. According to the website, it improves thermogenesis using its natural ingredients. The capsular form makes it much easier to use during the day and before sleeping. For those who do not know, thermogenic is a process that releases a higher amount of heat in the body and burns the fat layers using them to fuel different body functions. There is no compromise on quality, and the company ensures using 100% natural nutrients only. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, or toxins inside this formula, and it is suitable for long-term use.
Phen24 Ingredients: there are different ingredients used to create this product, and every single of them has scientific backing. The day formula contains essential minerals like using zinc, manganese, and copper alongside iodine and caffeine in it. Minerals affect metabolism directly by regulating fat deposition and energy production. Manganese, in particular, improves brain function and maintains high-energy levels throughout the weight loss journey. Iodine controls thyroid function and boosts metabolism, while caffeine gives the effect and post needed to make it through the day. Lastly, this product has cayenne pepper powder, guarana extract, and L-phenylalanine. Cayenne pepper burns old fat layers, while L-phenylalanine controls appetite and makes the body feel fuller for a long time.
The Phen24 nighttime formula contains ascorbic acid, also called vitamin C, a natural immunity booster with direct benefits for the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. It also has calcium, pyridoxine HCL, and chromium, which raise stamina, improve memory, and offer nervous support to the body. Chromium reduces appetite, and other ingredients like Thiamine, B-biotin, and molybdenum affect fat to energy conversion, raise basal metabolic rate, and remove toxic compounds from the body. This blend also has glucomannan, hops, and green tea extract, all three of which offer metabolic benefits.
The day pills are to be used in the morning, 30-40 mins before breakfast. The night pills should be used 30-40 mins before bedtime. There are no stimulants in the night supplement, and it is least likely to affect your sleep. However, the morning blend has caffeine in it, so beware with the daily consumption of coffee to avoid side effects.
Best About Phen24: it is an herbal weight loss supplement that affects metabolism and is used to get rid of all unnecessary weight. Going through the ingredients list shows that it provides certain nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers to the body. Although these ingredients work on their own, combining them with a better and healthy sourced diet can improve the effects of Phen24 pills.
Phen24 ingredients work on metabolism and improve the resting metabolic rate, which is activated when the body is in a deep sleep. A chance for the body to restore hormonal health and experience a better metabolism and muscle mass while removing the stubborn fat layers.
It is a two-in-one product, which means you will be given two supplements, one for the day and the other for the night. Phen24 customers will receive constant support from the dietary ingredients. This type of weight loss has a high chance of being successful as it works double than any other supplement.
It is least likely to experience better sleep with a diet pill, but Phen24 pills improve the sleeping routine and push the body into a deep sleep every night. The body wakes up fresh and with high energy levels the next morning and can perform all expected tasks without feeling lethargic.
Phen24 is suitable for adults only, and no underage child, pregnant woman, or breastfeeding woman should use it. People with certain metabolic conditions are advised to consult their doctors before using this product.
Pricing Details: This product is only available on the official website, and it cannot be purchased from any random seller. The actual price of this supplement was much higher, but it is available for a discounted price now. The one pack (including day and night time supplement) costs $79.99, and this price reduces when you buy three or five packs. Buying in bulk is better as the company has no monthly subscription plan, and ordering it monthly can be a problem for many. Also, the company is offering free shipping on bulk purchases, so choose the bundle which suits your requirements best.
The company has a 60-day refund policy under which every customer has a right to return the product and get a refund. The refund does not include delivery charges, and they are to be paid by the customer. Only the orders within the 60-day time will be considered for a refund, and the refund requests will be rejected after this time.
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TrimTone (Natural Phentermine For Women)
TrimTone is a natural fat burner that works equally well as phentermine, excluding the side effects the latter offers. It uses premium natural ingredients with scientifically proven benefits and no risk of side effects. These ingredients are picked carefully, and the manufacturing takes place under the highest quality standards. Weight loss is always linked with hormones in women’s bodies, and this formula offers to balance them, affecting the weight. It induces a thermogenic effect, controls hunger, and induces a feeling of mindful eating. As a result, the body eats as per its needs, and the calorie-burning process for the body is free from additional burdens.
Trimtone Ingredients: the official website has listed all details on the ingredients, which include caffeine, green tea, green coffee, glucomannan, and a unique ingredient called grains of paradise. These ingredients induce lipolysis, breakdown down fat, maintain hormones, and prevent fat accumulation. Some of these ingredients clear the body from toxins and reduce stress, inflammation, and other risk factors that directly hit metabolism. Glucomannan works on appetite suppressants, and grains of paradise burn the stubborn fat layers without affecting the sugar levels. The body starts losing weight, and the results start showing in no time. This formula is free from fillers, habit-forming ingredients, and harmful compounds. Therefore, it can be used for as long as it takes to reach the target weight.
Best About Trimtone: TrimTone is exclusively created for women because it fixes the issues the female bodies feel. Following are some reasons that make it among the best appetite suppressant and weight loss pills.
It gives complete dietary control to the body, which is sometimes lost because of poor dietary habits. This control includes appetite suppression and achieving a feeling of satiety, thus preventing overeating. When the body eats mindfully, there is the least chance of fat accumulation. All the fat that is obtained from the food is used to run different body functions, and there is no net fat gain.
Some ingredients inside TrimTone pills activate thermogenesis, a process that produces excessive heat. This heat is used to melt the stubborn fat, including the layers accumulated over the years. Within a few weeks, there is a visible change in body shape and weight, giving the body that you always wanted.
Women are more likely to develop fat layers around the belly, thighs, and hips that take forever to go. Only a product like TrimTone with a three-in-one working mechanism can melt from these stubborn areas.
Lastly, the TrimTone ingredients work on resting metabolic rate and burn calories even when the body is resting. This is why the customers experience more weight loss using this supplement than exercising or dieting alone. These three combined can help the body reach the target weight in lesser time.
The daily dosage is only one capsule of Trimtone taken with a glass of water. The best time for this dose is before breakfast so that it is fully absorbed before the first meal of the day. The supplement works independently, but it can be combined with a healthy diet for more visible and faster results.
Pricing Details: Trimtone is reasonably priced, and one month’s supply costs only $59.95 (plus delivery). It is also available in discounted bundle packs with free delivery. The company gives a free eBook”15-Day Workout Guide” to the bundle pack buyers to get the best out of this supplement.
All orders are protected with a 100day money-back offer, which means the customers have 100 days to decide if they want to continue using it or not. They can get a full refund if they choose not to use it or they are unhappy with the results.
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Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Beginners
Is this your first time trying a dietary supplement and need some basic information to make up your mind? Read the following for help.
What is the most effective weight loss pill?
Based on independent requirements, there are some top-selling weight loss pills effective for each individual. People looking for overall weight loss and management can try PhenQ, the number one weight loss pill to try, while Leanbean diet pills are women-specific fat-burning pills with the highest user ratings. Try any of these to kickstart your weight loss this year.
How Can I Drop 20 Pounds Fast?
Any product offering up to 20 pounds of weight loss in a surprisingly short time is most likely scamming you as it is next to impossible. Weight loss is not about spending money on fancy-looking products that will change your fat accumulation and burning. The idea of using supplements is helpful, as they improve metabolic rate. No product can burn fat for you, while you keep eating unhealthy junk and live a sedentary life. For losing up to 20 pounds, it is suggested to combine a healthy, low-calorie diet with a moderately active lifestyle, and additional help from a dietary supplement.
Why Does Phentermine Work So Well?
Phentermine (also called Adipex-P, Lomaira) is a prescription medicine, suggested for extremely obese bodies with uncontrollable appetite and poor eating habits. Daily consumption of phentermine helps the body feel fuller for a very long time without hunger pangs, and food cravings to affect the daily diet. By function, it is a stimulant that energizes the body, and makes it active all day, despite losing weight. Unfortunately, it is not available without a prescription but you can try natural phentermine for weight loss, in the form of dietary supplements that work as well as the original medicine.
Can You Get Phentermine Over The Counter?
No, there is no way you can buy phentermine, over the counter, without a prescription. Due to the high risk of abuse this medicine is sold to specific people only. The choice of using phentermine is not personal and only a certified health professional can decide if a patient needs phentermine or not. If the weight gain is not much, natural OTC phentermine alternatives can also help.
Can I Ask My Doctor For Weight Loss Pills?
If you think losing weight is hard for you, or the weight is stuck and not moving no matter what you do, it is high time you see a doctor. You can share your meals, mobility level, stress triggers, job roles, sleeping routine, and other information with the doctor and he will evaluate and recommend you the best option. He may listen to your respect and prescribe you something to boost your metabolism, but it is solely his professional advice and you cannot expect him to suggest prescription fat burners, even if you do not need them.
Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?
Using apple cider vinegar for losing weight is a very popular remedy, and thousands of people religiously believe it too. However, it is not very effective for weight loss, according to health experts. ACV has various other benefits, such as maintaining glycemic index and lipids profile. There are no studies to prove its role in fat burning.
Does Drinking Lemon Water Burn Belly Fat?
Lemon juice has certain phytochemicals, and antioxidants that cleanse the body, boost immunity, and protect against common diseases. The role of lemon in managing weight or burning stubborn belly fat is not clear through scientific studies. However, a few of them suggest it controls appetite, boosts metabolism, and clears the body from toxins, all of which have an indirect role in weight management.
How Can I Lose Weight In 7 Days At Home?
Yes, there are good chances you can easily lose weight at home without paying any expensive gym subscription, meal delivery plan, or hiring a trainer. An ideal weight loss is a balance between a healthy diet and high-intensity activities, depending upon personal choice. You have to eat low-calorie, and healthy food while pushing yourself for any strenuous activity such as swimming, running, walking, Zumba, etc. Track your progress every day and check for an average weight loss weekly to determine your weight maintenance plan.
Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?
Green tea has enormous health benefits for the body, including metabolic boost and inflammatory control. It relieves chronic inflammation, cleans the body from toxins, and keeps the body energized during the weight loss process. People that consume green tea daily lose some additional calories daily, which eventually contribute to the overall weight loss, making it faster and better. For better results combine green tea with a healthy diet, and a dietary supplement to get maximum benefits.
Best Weight Loss Pills – Conclusion
All of the above-mentioned products are selected after checking the corresponding information, customer reviews and ratings given by certain forums. Choose a product that meets your requirements and order using the official website for a safe experience.
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