March 24, 2023

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Dentists tell you to brush your teeth everyday, but here’s the truth: regular toothbrushes aren’t enough. You need a WashWand+ to completely remove the number one cause of cavities and other dental disease: tartar and plaque.
 Even after you’ve given your teeth a good scrub, there’s a lot of plaque and tartar that’s left on your teeth. You have to go the dentist to get it completely removed, which is painful and expensive. But if you ignore it, the tartar erodes teeth and can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.
In this WashWand+ review, you’ll find out how a simple plaque removal tool can save your teeth, and your money. Instead of paying a dentist to clean your teeth, you can do it yourself, at home. 
WashWand+ is a simple plaque removal tool that you can use at home. The body looks like a toothbrush, but instead of bristles it has a small hook that scrapes off plaque and tartar along the gumline.
The hook is called scaler, or the instrument that dentists use in their clinics to remove plaque and tartar along the gumline.
WashWand+ is electric, which makes it effective for removing hardened tartar. You can select from three speeds, so you can use less force on sensitive areas or increase force for stubborn spots. Don’t worry, it’s not painful and it’s not noisy—we tried it, and it feels just like using an electric toothbrush.
It comes with a professional-grade kit that has everything you need for plaque removal at home. That includes the scaler (or the pointed attachment), tartar scraper, a dental pick, and even your own personal dental mirror.
Yes, these are the exactly the same tools that dentists use; the only thing missing is the white coat.

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First, let me tell you why I tried it… and you’ll see why I immediately loved it.  
As a coffee lover and former smoker, my teeth are a mess. I’ve tried a lot of teeth whitening products but there were a lot of stains that wouldn’t get off. That’s when I realized that the tartar and plaque were causing those discolorations. By that time, even my gums were starting to look darker.
I was desperate, because I couldn’t afford expensive dental treatments. And then, I found out about this new way of doing plaque removal at home—a magic wand, so to speak, that would make my dental woes go away. 
So as you can see, this WashWand review is based on personal experience, and these are the benefits I experienced firsthand.
WashWand+ was only $99, and I could use it for years. A single dental appointment could cost up to $200, and for heavy tartar build up you’ll be asked to get scaling and rootplaning, which can cost up to $350 per area of the mouth.
So even from the first use, you already save at least $100. Over the years, as you compute what you would have spent on cleaning and other dental treatments, you save thousands of dollars.
So definitely, that’s one of the biggest points I want to make in this WashWand+ review: it really saves you so much money in the long run. That’s why I think buying this plaque removal tool is more of an investment rather than an expense. Many people are terrified of dentists, so they’d rather ignore the problem with their teeth or try these “natural remedies” they see on the Internet which honestly don’t work. 
And if adults are that way, think of how kids feel. They see all the scary metal tools and the bright lights, and they freak out. Who could blame them? Unfortunately, if you don’t address problems like plaque and tartar right away, they’re going to get cavities—which require more painful treatments to fix.
Plaque removal at home is less stressful and scary. It can be incorporated into regular dental hygiene. After brushing your teeth and flossing, just use the Washwand dental calculus remover to scrape off plaque along gums and between teeth.
And from my experience, kids actually get a kick out of using the kit. As part of this WashWand+ review, I asked my son to try it. Normally he hates brushing his teeth, so I wasn’t sure how he would feel about using a tartar removal tool, but he really got into it. 
I guess it’s because Washwand looks so professional, so they feel like a professional. For one moment they’re living out their fantasy of being in the medical profession. But aside from that, since they’re able to remove plaque themselves it feeds their sense of confidence and competence.
So if you or anyone in your family is scared of the dentist, or your kids are the type who think brushing their teeth is a chore, this handy dental calculus removal tool is the simple solution.
Even if you’re not scared of the dentist or worried about the cost, you still have one problem left: time. Getting a “professional cleaning” means you have to wait until your next appointment to remove tartar and plaque.
With Washwand, you can give your teeth a deep clean everyday. You never have to worry about tartar buildup. These give obvious benefits:
 Hard tartar has a cement-like consistency that easily gets stained. So, if you often eat or drink food with strong colors (coffee, wine, tomato-based sauces, etc.) your teeth start to discolor.
Plaque and tartar are full of bacteria that cause bad breath. That’s why if you’ve got a lot of build-up, your breath starts to stink even if you’ve just brushed your teeth.
Once you start doing regular plaque removal at home, you’ll notice that your breath stays fresh for hours.  Plaque and tartar build-up break down teeth enamel, which increases your risk for cavities and sensitive teeth. Over time, it can even cause bigger problems like gum disease and tooth loss.
If you wait until your annual check up with the dentist, you may end up having to pay for more than just tooth cleaning. You may already have a cavity or other kinds of infections, and that leads to additional treatments that demand time and money.
Taking better care of your teeth today is much better than waiting for a problem to occur.
Order your WashWand Dental Calculus Remover today!
WashWand+ is a complete kit that has all the tools you need to remove plaque and tartar at home. The pointed tip (called a scaler) scrapes away tartar and plaque that has accumulated on your tooth surfaces, crevices, and along the gumline. You can also use the dental pick to reach between the teeth, and the tartar scraper that comes with the kit.
But remember, Washwand Dental Calculus Remover is electric, so it is even more effective than a simple handheld device. It uses sonic micromovements to loosen hardened tartar. You select from 3 sonic speeds, so the tip gently vibrates as you push it against your teeth.
This is not painful. In fact, the vibrations make it easier and safer to use because you don’t have to apply pressure.  
You may flinch at the idea of “vibrations” and remember the loud equipment in the dentist’s office. Don’t worry: the Washwand is not noisy at all. It just emits this faint buzz that is actually barely noticeable. I personally find it rather Zen-like and soothing.
Yes, it does! And it’s not something you just have to take on as a matter of faith—you will actually see the plaque and tartar you’ve removed on the tip of the wand. Actually, the first time I did plaque removal at home, the amount I found totally shocked me. I thought, “Wow, this was on my teeth?!”
You’ll find similar sentiments in other WashWand+ reviews. All of them were amazed at how they were able to remove so much tartar and plaque after just a few minutes of using this product.
Washwand’s effectivity is really based on the fact that it’s modeled after dentist’s tools. If you look at kit, it’s exactly like the instruments you’d see lined on the tray next to the dentist’s chair.
Combine this with the sonic vibrations that buff away at the plaque and tartar build-up, then you know that this dental calculus remover tool is really going to work.
If I had to summarize my WashWand+ review in just 7 points, it would be:
The word “tartar removal tool” can sound quite intimidating, and even I was a bit nervous when I first opened my WashWand Dental Calculus remover kit.
But I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite easy and intuitive to use. With the ergonomic handle, I could move it around to reach all areas of my teeth with no trouble at all. It just takes a while to know what speed works best for you, but other than that it’s as easy as brushing your teeth.
Here’s what you need to do:
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I actually tried many other remedies and dental kits before I wrote this WashWand+ review. But those were a complete waste of money, and were actually painful to use.
You see, many of the “dental kits” sold online – also called tooth scrapers or plaque remover tools –are essentially medical tools that are being re-marketed for personal use. However, if you don’t have the proper training—or you use them with a rough hand—you could actually damage your teeth and hurt your gums.
WashWand, on the other hand, is specifically designed for personal use. And since you rely on the sonic vibrations to loosen the plaque and tartar, you won’t accidentally use too much force and pressure on your teeth. You just gently guide it as it does its work.
The sonic vibrations are also so effective, that it removes plaque and tartar really quickly. This is much gentler on your teeth than letting them soak in a chemical solution or a highly acidic DIY lemon paste.
In other words, WashWand+ is not just better, but also safer than any other dental calculus remover you can find in the market.  
The short answer: anywhere you want. It is so compact that you can store it on your bathroom counter or in a drawer. If you’re travelling, you can slip it into the side pocket of your luggage.
However, for practicality, it’s best to use the Washwand Dental Calculus Remover in an area that is well-lit and has a good mirror. That will give you a good view of your teeth, so you don’t miss any areas.
While writing this WashWand+ review, I had to suddenly go on a business trip. I brought it along, but the hotel room didn’t have a good bathroom or good lighting. So I ended up getting a mirror, propping it on a table, and then adjusting the lamp.
Surprisingly, working at a table with a bright lamp was actually really effective—maybe even better than using the Washwand while leaning over a wide bathroom counter.
But this is really a matter of preference. You can use the WashWand in any way or place that works for you. You’ve read the WashWand+ review—now you’re thinking, “This sounds good, but is it for me? Do I really need to get a dental calculus remover?”
The Washwand dental calculus remover is a good buy if you:
Yes! As I mentioned earlier in my Washwand+ review, it is much safer than other dental kits that are simply reproductions of dental instruments. Its sonic technology helps loosen plaque and tartar without the need of vigorously scraping the teeth and gums, and thus reduces the risk of injury.
Washwand’s ergonomic handle also makes it easy to grip and control where the tip touches your teeth and gums. It also comes with a small mirror so you can see all parts of your mouth.
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WashWand is not waterproof, so in between uses, so it’s important store it in a place where it won’t accidentally fall into the sink or be exposed to water and extreme humidity.
However, it is splash-proof, and can withstand getting a little sprinkled as you use it. As a precaution, try to avoid getting it very wet, and be sure to wipe it completely dry when you are done.
Washwand is effective and affordable. At full price, the Washwand Dental Calculus Remover kit costs $99. If you get one now, you can actually get 50% off—that’s an amazing offer where you spend less than $50 on a simple tool that can help you do plaque removal at home.
Be sure to get an authentic Washwand from the official website. This ensures that you are getting a high-quality product, and not a fake copycat that will not give you the same results.
Shop for the WashWand+ Dental Calculus Remover at the Shop Washwand site or at the Kainero (manufacturer) website.
In the course of this Washwand+ review, we’ve looked at how it works, its possible benefits, and common questions like how to use it and who would probably need it the most. But after all is said and done, what is the bottom line—is the Washwand+ worth it?
For any purchase I make, I look at three things: value for money, safety, and practicality.
In terms of value for money, Washwand+ Dental Calculus Remover is a clear winner. It is so affordable, especially with the promo of 50% off. Considering that a typical dentist’s appointment costs three times more than that, it already pays for itself in its first use.
As for safety, it’s better to use Washwand+ Dental Calculus Remover than try to scrape your teeth with tools that aren’t designed for that purpose. You could hurt yourself and your teeth—plus, you won’t see any results.
Washwand+ is the best way to do plaque removal at home. It is like the dental tools that your dentist uses, but it’s designed for safe personal use. The sonic speed technology and the ergonomic handle guarantees that you can clean your teeth quickly and efficiently.  
Lastly, Washwand+ is one of the most practical things I’ve ever bought. People often underestimate the importance of dental care until they have a huge problem—like a raging toothache, a huge discoloration or stain, or a tooth loss that now requires dental implants.
Washwand+ Dental Calculus Remover helps me become proactive about dental care. I don’t have to wait to see a dentist to get tartar removed, and I prevent all sorts of dental problems that would cost thousands of dollars to treat.
All in all, Washwand+ Dental Calculus Remover is worth every cent.
Order your WashWand Dental Calculus Remover today!
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