June 10, 2023

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Strictly Come Dancing 2022 contestant Kym Marsh, has wowed fans in recent years after transforming her body. After showing off her impressive abs on social media, she left many people wondering just how she did it.
While Kym has kept the exact method under wraps, it’s no secret she’s been working on herself and her hard work showed as she appeared to tone up in no time.
The actress has long been a fan of working out, revealing in an Instagram snap that she enjoys the gym and enduring a gruelling 5k run every now and again.
In a separate post, she had fun getting sweaty squatting with a 16kg kettlebell, as she thanked her friend for a “cheeky” gym session followed by a spa day.
Her efforts are well known, having stunned fans everywhere when she revealed how she lost five pounds in 10 days back in 2018.
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And since leaving Coronation Street the year after, the actress took it as an opportunity to get her head back in the game.
She began to focus on the gym and displayed her progress on her social media accounts.
Wearing a sports bra and a pair of figure-hugging leggings, she debuted her impressive six pack as her fans congratulated her for her hard work.
She captioned the picture: “Progress being made! Come on February let’s have ya!!!”
But she has reassured people they don’t need a gym or big weights to become healthier and fitter.
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Instead, she opts for short 20-minute workouts, using her own fitness DVD.
She wrote for an OK! Magazine blog: “It really does go to show you don’t need big weights or the gym to get a good workout that makes you feel great.”
It’s clear Kym isn’t a stranger to the weight loss and fitness game, having always kept herself in shape throughout her star-studded career.
While she seems to have mastered it now, in the past, the actress revealed she was left feeling insecure after being called “fat” by a judge while appearing as a contestant on the talent show Popstars.
Kym, who won a place in the pop-group Hear’Say on the show back in 2001, admitted that the words hit her hard.
In 2019 she said: “It did affect me. Of course it did.
READ MORE: Michael Mosley weight loss: Remove three foods to stay slimKym was called 'fat' by a judge on Popstars in 2001Kym lost five pounds in 10 back in 2018“I’d already had a little bit of an eating disorder when I was younger. He saw a weakness and picked on it,” she told Fabulous magazine.
Despite already being in incredible shape, Kym has ventured back into the glitz and glam as she competes on this year’s Strictly.
The BBC dancing contest is renowned for its weight loss success, as the gruelling training schedules and calorie-busting sessions keep celebrity contestants on their toes at all times.
In 2021, Loose Women star Judi Love, revealed she lost a stone and a half during her Strictly journey and managed to drop four pounds just a few weeks into the series.

Celebrity weight loss transformations She told Tess Daly at the time: “Can I say thanks to Strictly for helping me lose a stone and a half!”
With her exercise firmly under control, when it comes to her diet, Kym is said to stay trim by eating more healthy and nutritious foods and less of carbohydrate-rich foods such as burgers and chips.
Instead, the Morning Live host’s diet consists of lots of meats, fish, and protein.
And she revealed she now drinks “skinny lager”, which is a low-calorie option.
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