March 26, 2023

Dental visits can be time-consuming and costly. Experts recommend cleaning the teeth properly to prevent plaque buildup and minimize painful dental checkups. Unfortunately, most teeth-cleaning tools, like a toothbrush, cannot remove the harmful plaque effectively. Consequently, most people get oral health issues.
Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing teeth discoloration and bad breath. Professional plaque cleaning is costly. Devices like WashWand+ can purportedly allow you to have clean teeth without any hassles. How can you use the device? Is it effective?
According to experts, the mouth has the correct pH and environment for unhealthy microorganisms to thrive. Without proper cleaning, the mouth can create thousands of plaque germs. Tartar and plaque are the root of bad breath, swollen gums, itchy gums, cavities, teeth discoloration, and other oral issues.
WashWand+ is advertised as a dental-grade plaque remover that is safe and effective. Per the maker, the innovative scaler can aid users in eliminating plaque and other dirt from the mouth and teeth. WashWand+ can purportedly help consumers to get bright, healthy, and white teeth. It has an ergonomic design and is ideal for full family use.
WashWand+ is a durable and rechargeable plaque scraper that is easy to use. It produces minimal noise and is gentle on the gums. The manufacturer claims that it uses ultrasonic waves to precisely clean teeth and gums. Its ergonomic design allows users to remove tartar and plaque from every part of the teeth.
WashWand+ is a simple device that anyone can use in the comfort of their home. It can purportedly eliminate the need to get frequent dental checkups. Similarly, regular use of the scaling device can minimize the risk of developing various oral health issues such as gingivitis, cavities, and periodontal.

  • IPX3 Light Splash Resistant
  • One tip detailer
  • 3 hours run-time
  • USB-A Charging cable
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Silicone jacketed body
  • Built-in mini-LED light
  • Low-noise
  • Rechargeable battery hours charging time
  • Twist-to-lock head system


How Does WashWand+ Work?

WashWand+ is a user-friendly device. It comes with a simple-to-follow user guide and requires zero assembling.
The manufacturer recommends charging the sonic plaque scaler before using it.
To use the WashWand+ scaler, the maker recommends starting at the gum line and moving it back and forth along the light. The light vibrations are not painful or distracting. The plaque remover has three-speed settings and a comfortable grip for maximum safety. After using WashWand+, it is best to rinse the mouth with a mouthwash or warm water. The scaler is unlikely to give users painful pressure or cause any bleeding.
Rechargeable – WashWand+ is 100% rechargeable and can last up to three hours when fully charged. Each order comes with a USB-A charging cable, and it takes about two hours for the scaler to charge fully. Consumers should recharge the device each time the plaque remover becomes low.
WashWand+ can supposedly brighten and whiten the teeth. The inbuilt LED light allows users to get all the right spots during usage. Thus, there are minimum chances of users missing any mark. The creator claims that the inbuilt LED light gives users a clear and precise vision while operating the plaque scaler.
Unlike most scalers, the WashWand+ has three ultra-settings, namely 10,000VPM, 10,000VPM, and 13400VPM. The different speed setting allows users to operate the device comfortably.
A good plaque-removing tool should be easy to handle. WashWand+ has an ergonomic and soft design, allowing users to operate it without any hassles. The plaque remover gives the users a better grip, thus reducing the risk of causing any accidents during operation.
The twist lock feature ensures that the sonic speed heads hold the device firm during scrapping. The system also minimizes the risk of accidents while the scalar is in motion.
WashWand+ Plaque remover is made using superior quality and durable material. Users are unlikely to get any technical issues.
WashWand+ is made for the entire family except for very young kids. The maker recommends parental supervision for all children below the age of 16. Also, sterilizing and washing the scalar is essential when serving multiple users.
WashWand+ is only available via the official website. The manufacturer warns against purchasing the product from third parties to prevent imitations. However, the plaque remover device is in limited stock and users may need to place an order quickly. Still, purchasing WashWand+ via the authentic website allows users to enjoy great discounts. Similarly, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee protects each purchase.
WashWand+ is a unique plaque scaler that is teeth and gum friendly. Available only via the official website, the plaque remover has an ergonomic, safe, and user-friendly design. It works using sonic vibrations that remove tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth. WashWand+ can brighten and whiten the teeth. Similarly, it minimizes the chances of developing oral health issues such as bad breath, gum inflammations, gingivitis, and cavities.


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