March 24, 2023

TheraBreath™ rinses are a solution for your patients’ specific oral health needs. Whether they struggle with bad breath, require additional caries prevention, need to improve their gum health or have dry mouth symptoms, there is a TheraBreath™ rinse that can help.
TheraBreath™ rinse does not mask odor–it effectively eliminates it with the power of sodium chlorite. This oxygenating ingredient fights the foul-smelling sulfur compounds that are produced by bacteria in the mouth. Once the oxygen interacts with the bacteria, sulfides are changed into odorless sulfates and bad breath is eliminated at the source.
Anaerobic bacteria live on the back of the tongue, throat and tonsils
Anaerobic digestion occurs (proteins are broken down)
Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are released, causing bad breath
TheraBreath™ rinse fights the VSCs by creating an oxygen-rich environment in the mouth
Dentist- and pharmacist-recommended for more than 20 years, TheraBreath™ rinses have a history of being the professional’s choice. Formulated with clinically effective, quality ingredients, our products can help your patients improve their oral care routines. All it takes is a little therapy from a better mouth rinse.
Harold Katz, DDS began researching the causes of bad breath in the early 1990s in an effort to help his teenage daughter with her severe and chronic bad breath. Despite brushing and flossing several times a day and using standard mouthwashes, the problem persisted.
A UCLA-trained dentist, bacteriologist and world-renowned “Bad Breath Guru,” Dr. Katz rolled up his sleeves and got to work finding a solution. The result was the first TheraBreath™ formula, a safe, efficacious solution for bad breath.
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