March 22, 2023

Medicine ball exercises are nothing new in the fitness world. Benefits of using the ball include increased physical strength and improved sports performance. There are numerous top ball exercises that have been around for a while that aid in building strength and losing weight fast.
When using a medicine ball, you can balance and transfer weights that can be difficult to do with static or dumbbells alone. The weight of a medicine ball ranges from 2-20 kg. For improved control, you can always utilize a lighter exercise ball.
A medicine ball is a great item to utilize in your training if you’re new to the field of strength and resistance training. That’s because it improves body coordination without putting too much strain on the joints.
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Here are five best medicine ball exercises for men to include in their routine:
The squat thrust is easy to do yet difficult on the body, heart, and lungs. It’s a fabulous motion to incorporate in your routine cardio workouts to up the ante and improve endurance and boost weight loss.

Here’s how to do it:
You can shape and strengthen practically every muscle in the lower body with lunges, including the hips, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. The added motion of the ball pass helps in toning the lower body muscles and losing weight.

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Bicycle twists have gained popularity for shredding and toning the abs. The adddition of medicine ball helps in increasing the stress in the core muscles, helping in reducing weight.

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This exercise helps focus on your balance in addition to the abs and leg muscles, which are frequently neglected. Deadlifts not only strengthen but also tone the muscles.

Here’s how to do it:
Although knee drives appear to be a straightforward workout, performing several sets of this high intensity motion causes the heart to race, lower body and core muscles to contract, and you quickly begin to perspire.

Here’s how to do it:
The use of medicine balls is widespread, from CrossFit workouts to strength training exercises, and can help develop your trunk muscles.
Due to the extensive stabilizing required when using medicine balls, which are a favorite of many people, these workouts typically burn more calories than the same exercises with weights.
Moreover, if you are new to exercise, it’s advisable to start out lightly and easily with balls till you get a sense of how they relate to weight training or your bodyweight before you go heavy duty. That’s because if you pick up a medicine ball for the first time and begin slamming it around without knowing how to use it correctly, you could seriously injure yourself.


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