April 1, 2023

Optimity, an award-winning insurtech that delivers an innovative holistic health engagement platform used by 2.6 million users in North America, has recently launched its Optimity Health Grade™ and Sub-Scores, a science-backed scoring tool for measuring and improving health and wellness outcomes.
A new value-add feature available today within the mobile app and enterprise platform, Optimity Health Grade™ generates individualized scores based on users’ wearable device data and personal lifestyle information including nutrition, sleep, mental, and financial health. Sub-scores are also calculated for steps, weight, active minutes, sleep, diet, stress, VO2 max, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability.
For life and health insurers, this scoring tool has the potential to reduce the typical underwriting time and amount of invasive tests required, as well as improve the point-of-sale experience for potential insurance customers. By leveraging new data sources, including physical activity, Optimity Health Grade™ also serves to increase accuracy in underwriting.
“The Optimity Health Grade(™) and Sub-Scores can have a significant impact on the typical underwriting process,” said Jane J. Wang, CEO, Optimity. “Our tool incorporates validated metrics derived from the latest scientific, insurance, and government data, plus a continuously updated data stream from our users. This means insurers have a more comprehensive and longitudinal view of individual health while reducing friction in the decisioning process.”
Optimity Health Grade™ and Sub-Scores are also being positioned as a useful employer tool to better engage employees in their wellness journeys and monitor and understand population trends to more effectively provide appropriate support.
For more information, visit optimity.life.
About Optimity
Optimity is an award-winning insurtech company on a mission to improve holistic health, wealth, and longevity for millions through the science of micro-learning, gamification, incentivization and rewards. Their mobile-first app and digital engagement platform were developed by leading technologists, health and medical researchers, and wealth experts. They are backed by more than 30 years of behavioral science research. Optimity’s enterprise solution includes white-labeled apps as well as add-on products including Optimity Health Grade(™) and Sub-Scores, Optimity Micro-Learning(™), Optimity Nudges(™), and Optimity Journeys(™), all of which serve to better engage large populations of policyholders, members, employees, and customers so they can improve holistic health outcomes and live longer lives.
With a reach of over 2.6 million North Americans and growing in other countries, Optimity is one of the most popular and trusted health rewards programs in the world. For additional information, visit optimity.life.
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