March 26, 2023

A new Fitness Court was officially unveiled Tuesday in Chula Vista with modern equipment designed to help you use your own body weight to get a good workout.
“I don’t have a gym membership, so I kind of utilize this as my gym over here,” said local Janedward Rostrata.
Rostrata said he works out at Rohr Park every morning, and while he liked the old setup, he likes this one more.

“More equipment to use compared to the previous setup. They also have on the sides the demonstrations of how to do all the workouts and stuff,” he said.
There is also a free mobile app available for iOS and Android that acts as a fitness coach. It guides users on how to use the equipment properly and develop their own workout plan.
The City of Chula Vista was awarded $30,000 grant from the National Fitness Campaign to help fund the project. The remaining $150,000 came from Measure P tax funds.
Rostrata said he thinks it’s money well spent.
“A lot of people have been checking it out. A lot of people notice the new changes it has and it’s cool to see everyone walk by and all of a sudden they jump in and get their workout going on,” he said. “From young people to all ages. It’s cool it’s fun and you get to meet new people and stuff.”
Rohr Park is one of several locations across San Diego County that have installed Fitness Courts. To find the one closest to you, click here.


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