March 26, 2023

Annual State of the TMC showcases emerging campuses at Texas Medical Center
HOUSTON–()–William (Bill) McKeon, President and CEO of Texas Medical Center, today shared plans for the continued strategic growth of the Texas Medical Center at the annual State of the TMC, hosted by the Greater Houston Partnership. With a vision to become the world’s most comprehensive life science ecosystem, TMC is anchored by four districts – the TMC Medical Campus, TMC Innovation Factory, TMC Helix Park, and the newly announced TMC BioPort.

BioPort is TMC’s newest initiative and will serve as the Texas Medical Center’s biomanufacturing and medical supplies distribution engine. The district will span several hundred acres driving the much-needed repatriation of critical medical supplies and new cell and gene therapies. In addition, TMC BioPort will provide on-site upskill training center, creating over 100,000 new job opportunities for residents in the Greater Houston region. This vital initiative is aligned with the expectation that the US will significantly increase its biomanufacturing capacity to assure ready access to pharmaceuticals, therapies and medical supplies.
“Houston is advancing its position as the leading destination for life science discovery,” said McKeon. “Through our holistic, expansive vision, we are building every vital component necessary to advance the largest life science ecosystem in the world.”
Established in 1945, the beating heart of TMC is the TMC Medical Campus. Today, it includes over 60+ member institutions with more than 120,000 employees. Each year, the TMC Medical Campus serves 10 million+ patients and performs over 180,000 surgeries at leading institutions across more than 50 million developed square feet.
TMC’s ecosystem also includes the TMC Innovation Factory, opened in 2015 to support early-stage companies from around the world. Located within an historic Nabisco Cookie Factory, over 300 enterprises have come to TMC to take part in the Innovation Factory’s programs and resources. To date, these companies have raised more than $5.8 billion in venture capital, with 13 health tech endeavors already benefiting from successful launches through the TMC BioDesign program. The newly announced TMC Innovation Factory Labs, scheduled to open Q1 2023, will provide 46,000 SF of turn-key lab solutions to further advance the pioneering efforts of these early-stage companies.
In addition, TMC Helix Park, TMC’s 37-acre life science campus, which broke ground in 2020, is slated for Phase One completion in 2023. TMC Helix Park is designed for intentional and incidental collaboration among industry, academia, and entrepreneurs and when completed will include over 6 million square feet of developed space and 18.7 acres of unique public green space. The TMC3 Collaborative Building, the first multi-institutional research facility in TMC’s history, is currently under construction and slated for completion in 2023.
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About Texas Medical Center (TMC) — Texas Medical Center (TMC)—the largest medical campus in the world—is at the forefront of advancing life sciences. Home to the brightest minds in medicine, TMC nurtures cross-institutional collaboration, creativity, and innovation among its 106,000-plus employees. With a campus of more than 50 million square feet, TMC annually hosts 10 million patients, performs over 180,000 surgeries, conducts over 750,000 ER visits, performs close to 14,000 heart surgeries, and delivers over 25,000 babies. Beyond patient care, TMC is pushing the boundaries of clinical research across its extensive network of partner institutions on a daily basis, pioneering effective health policy solutions to address the complex health care issues of today, and cultivating cutting-edge digital health applications and medical devices.
Kirsten Lance
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