March 26, 2023

Running is an important part of most weight loss exercise plans, but the truth is that running can be counterproductive.
If you’re looking for a way to lose belly fat, increase muscle mass, and improve health, you might want to consider adding some new, fresh exercises into your routine. By incorporating a few exercises into your daily workout routine, you will see results quicker.
Here’s a look at six such exercises:
HIIT or high intensity interval training is a great way to lose weight. It can be done anywhere and with a partner. HIIT consists of short bursts of activity followed by short periods of rest. The intensity of the exercise can vary depending on your fitness level.
In this workout, you’ complete one round or circuit for each exercise. You start with one set for each move, and then increase the number as you get more comfortable with it.
Rest 30 seconds between each move, and repeat till you’ve completed five rounds total (or circuits). The goal is to complete a set of multiple exercises in quick succession with no rest in between. That will push your heart rate beyond 150 BPM (the aerobic state), where optimum fat loss is achieved. You can also customize your circuits to do the exercises you prefer.

After completing these exercises, rest for another 30 seconds before moving on to the next circuit.
Jumping rope is great for cardio, and it’s also very convenient. You can do it anywhere you have a little space, and depending on the type of jump rope you get, you may not even need to bring one from home.
With a little imagination, jumping rope can be done with a group as well. If nothing else is available (or if the weather makes running outside unbearable), you can simply move your workout into your living room, and use the furniture to provide some resistance while you work out.

Jump roping works for people of all age and fitness level; just remember that if something hurts or doesn’t feel right in your body, stop doing it immediately. Jumping rope is about having fun while getting fit; if pain creeps into your experience during any part of this exercise routine, something has gone wrong, so you need to stop.
Cycling is a great way to burn calories and get a workout in if you have access to a bike. If you don’t, it’s possible but far less effective than other calorie-burning options.
To cycle effectively, make sure your pedal motion is smooth and consistent. That will help keep the momentum up while also building strength in the quadriceps.
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Compound lifts are exercises that work multiple muscle groups, such as squats and deadlifts. These exercises can be performed with barbells or dumbbells, so you’re less likely to feel intimidated by the machines at the gym.
Compound lifts help you lose weight faster, as they increase the metabolic rate during exercise and then continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished exercising.
They also give you a better calorie-burning effect than running in terms of weight loss benefits, as compound lifts involve more muscle groups at once and burn fat. It means while running is great for getting rid of belly fat, compound lifting works on other areas where there may be stubborn pockets of fat.
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Swimming is one of the best weight loss exercises. It’s a full body workout that strengthens the muscles, tones the body, and boosts cardio health.
Swimming is also a great cardiovascular exercise, as it uses every part of the body at once. You use the muscles in your arms and legs to move through the water, which burns calories quickly. Swimming helps you get a good workout without putting too much stress on any one area of your body, so it won’t hurt as much when you’re done
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Moreover, swimming is low-impact, so it won’t damage the joints like running does (especially if you have weak joints). That makes swimming an ideal exercise for people recovering from injury or looking for something easy on their joints while still getting an effective workout.
Walking is a simple, low-impact exercise that can be done anywhere and at any age. It’s also a great way to lose weight and tone up the body quickly. While it may seem odd that walking trumps running on this list, it can be an effective weight loss tool.
Walking is a form of LISS cardio (low intensity steady state cardio), which is characterized by a prolonged period of cardio at a low intensity and heart rate. Essentially, walking is the opposite of HIIT. Both have their pros and cons, with HIIT being more time-efficient and quick but also more tiring. LISS, meanwhile, is low-impact, and a better option if you’re not looking to exert yourself.
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Walking is also easy on the joints, as it doesn’t put too much pressure on them, making it great for people who have arthritis or joint pain.
Walking also burns calories more efficiently than other forms of exercise, as the body uses twice as many calories per hour when walking than when running — even at a slower pace If you have trouble staying motivated while exercising, start by taking short walks every day before work or school, and gradually increase their duration till you’re walking up to five miles every day.
If you’re looking for a new exercise routine, try the aforementioned weight loss exercises. They will help you burn calories and lose weight faster than running would. Remember: the best exercise is one that fits your lifestyle, so if running works for you, keep doing it.

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