April 1, 2023

MINT HILL, NC – Opened in 2019, Soothe the Soles has relocated to the suite next door and expanded its services to include Reflexology.
Soothe the Soles grew organically from Harrison’s interest in aromatherapy and naturopathic remedies.  A melanoma survivor herself, Harrison begin learning about essential oils a decade ago and became a licensed aromatherapist five years ago.  At first, Harrison made natural products for herself and family members, but with health and wellness at the forefront of many Americans’ minds during the pandemic, Harrison began to wonder if there was a larger market for her natural remedies.
Harrison began selling Vitality Ginger, her own line of naturopathic remedies and all-natural beauty products at the Mint Hill Farmers Market and was pleasantly surprised to find that she could barely keep up with the demand for products like all-natural bug spray.  In search of a way to expand this business opportunity, Harrison came up with a unique idea: warm herbal foot baths.
In 2019, Harrison converted an extra room in her former portrait studio into a spa-like oasis where up to two guests at a time could indulge in a relaxing, healing and nourishing foot soak, and Soothe the Soles was born.  Its immediate success pushed Harrison to consider ways to expand.
“I thought the next step would be adding foot massage because I had a lot of people asking about that,” says Harrison, “but my research ultimately led me to Reflexology .  I began to realize that it was the next step above and beyond what I was already doing to promote natural health.”
If you’re not quite sure what reflexology is, you’re not alone.  Harrison herself didn’t know much about it until she began to research it, but what she discovered was a a truly amazing and beneficial technique that’s so much more than a foot massage.  After a year-long certification procedure that included online and in-person instruction, Harrison received her certification through The Academy of Reflective Wellness and was able to add Reflexology to Soothe the Soles in May. 
Reflexology is a noninvasive, empowering, renewal and recovery technique using specific pressure points along your face, hands and feet.  It links and connects meridian points to their reflective points or organs on the inside of your body that can have great effects on corresponding organs and symptom relief.   Reflexologists work holistically with their clients to promote health, but they do not claim to diagnose or cure illnesses or prescribe medication.
“I stimulate specific places on the foot, face, hands or ears according to a micromap of the body using techniques to access internal organs and other physical structures,” explains Harrison.  “Reflexology treats the whole person by bringing harmony to the physical and emotional being.  It can support people living with both chronic conditions and acute issues, and it can be used for prevention and maintenance as well.  Some of the benefits can include stress relief; improved immunity, circulation and digestion; pain relief; hormone balance; and improved nerve function and muscle tension.”
Harrison feels Reflexology is a great option for anyone from children to senior citizens who are either looking to restore balance or are seeing a naturopathic protocol to assist with chronic or acute conditions or preventative health measure.  “It’s a noninvasive therapy,” explains Harrison.  “All you need to remove are your shoes and socks.  The session itself is very relaxing and calming; there’s no pain involved.”
Harrison offers 30- and 60-minute targeted reflexology sessions as well as reflexology as a foot soak enhancement.  She’s currently offering $50 off a 60-minute TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Reflexology Session for first-time customers with the coupon code INTRO60.  
Soothe the Soles is located in Suite K of Morris Business Park.  Harrison welcomes the community to join her on Thursday, October 6, from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm, for her Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, where she’ll celebrate her expansion at her new location.  Learn more about Reflexology and all the services offered by Harrison at Soothe the Soles online at https://www.soothethesoles.com/.
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