June 9, 2023

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Peanut butter has long been considered a great addition to a weight loss diet plan but its added health benefits. Despite being a fat, it’s renowned as a heathy one due to its many nutritional values.
Just two tablespoons provides seven grams of protein, which is more than any other nut.
They are also a good source of fibre, offering two grams per two tablespoons, and 16 grams of healthy, plant-based unsaturated fats.
Registered dietician at Hello Fresh, Rebecca Lewis, explained that this is the reason why it’s a weight loss must.
“It keeps you full and satisfied for longer stretches, so you’re less likely to snack or succumb to hunger cravings throughout the day,” she said.
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While peanut butter is a calorie-loaded snack – half a tablespoon containing roughly around 50 calories – registered dietitian Sheri Kasper revealed that by adding it into a person’s breakfast or first meal, it’ll help keep them full and stop them from reaching for a higher-calorie snack mid-morning.
Therefore, they are consuming fewer calories over the course of the day.
She said: “Peanut butter is super-decadent and adds excitement to your diet.
“One of the biggest reasons people fail to meet their weight loss goals is because they feel bored and deprived.
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“No one wants to eat dry salads and plain chicken every day.”
And just because it’s part of the fat family doesn’t mean it should be cut out.
“In the past, fats earned a bad rap because one gram of fat contains double the amount of calories than the same amount of carbs or proteins,” said Lisa Booth, registered dietitian and health coach for 8fit.
“But if you skimp on fat, it’s likely you’re not giving your body the calories and energy it needs, which can slow down your metabolism.”
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Registered dietician, Lauren Manaker, advised: “Some lower-fat versions of peanut butter contain higher sugar amounts to make up for the missing flavour when fat is removed.
“Too much sugar is not the best choice either, and the fat found in peanut butter is a healthy addition to one’s diet. I do not choose reduced-fat peanut butter.”
She added: “As a dietitian, I choose peanut butters that contain the fewest ingredients possible.Calorie burning tips“If I can select a peanut butter that contains only peanuts and a touch of salt, that is the best choice in my book.”
While peanut butter is a go-to for many people looking to lose a few pounds, as with any food, they must ensure not to over indulge as it can have an adverse effect.
Edwina Clark, head of nutrition and wellness at Yummly, advised limiting daily intake to two tablespoons per day.
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