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Have you wondered why some people burn fewer calories than others and because of such a thing, they are able to achieve weight loss easier than you do? HealthCanal indicates that it has something to do with your metabolic rate. Some have a fast or high metabolism, while you have a lower or slower one. However, having a slow metabolism is not the end of your weight loss journey as you can always boost your metabolism. Certain foods can increase one’s metabolic rate.
Before continuing to the discussion of right foods to eat, however, take some gentle reminder first. Including good foods in your meals must be part of your active and healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, these metabolism boosters will have no long-term fat-burning effect. Now, it is time to have a flat tummy.
If you are struggling with your belly fat and dreaming of having a flat tummy, these foods and practices will not only contribute to a flat stomach but will also increase metabolism and assist your weight loss efforts.
Apple cider vinegar has been claimed to boost metabolism as it has been proven to be effective in studies conducted to animals. As of now, there is no sufficient evidence that it is as effective as expected for humans, but there were few studies that can support this claim. Aside from improving one’s metabolism, it may help a person to lose weight through making you feel full for a longer period.
When you take it, precaution is needed. Limit yourself to taking just 1-2 tablespoons in a day. Going beyond this maximum amount increases your risk of experiencing tooth erosion. It may also cause some damage in your digestive track’s lining.
If you need foods for a flat stomach, foods rich in protein are one of them. Fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and legumes are great examples of those. Aside from making you full for a longer period, these foods require your body to release more energy for digestion. This is called the “thermic effect of food” or TEF. It also determines the number of calories your body needs to process – either to absorb or digest.
Moreover, according to the study, these foods increase TEF and promote fast metabolism despite experiencing high-calorie diets. More specifically, having protein-rich foods increases basal metabolic rate by around 15-30%. However, it is still not recommended to consume lots of foods and drinks containing more calories as this will prevent you from achieving a flat stomach.
Aside from what has been mentioned, these foods also prevent weight gain as it also makes you feel full for several hours. Most of all, it contributes to a lean body by helping you hold on with your muscle mass, avoiding the risk of muscle loss.
Seafoods are rich in a variety of minerals including iodine, iron, and selenium. These minerals have something to do with your thyroid hormones and thyroid gland. They help you lose weight by contributing to the proper functioning of the gland, which comes with a significant impact on your metabolism.
According to research, low levels of these minerals lead to lower metabolism. So, eating foods rich in these minerals can help your body burn more calories and fats, which include belly fat as well.
While it is a common practice to reduce fat to attain weight loss, it does not mean that one should avoid all types of fat at all. Healthy fats are still needed by the body to function properly, as they can still be the source of energy. Therefore, it is okay to consume coconut milk, almond milk, or even coconut oil. Soy milk can also be taken but be aware of the additional calories manufacturers may put in the product.
One kind of healthy fat is medium chain triglycerides or MCT. This is common in coconut and coconut-based products as well as other nuts. According to some studies, consumption of MCT oil promotes faster metabolism and the fat stores up not on the fat storage, but on the liver. Therefore, this also helps you avoid gaining weight.
Tea comes with a certain amount of caffeine, which promotes satiety. Two most common teas that are consumed by many are oolong and green tea. Most especially the green tea, it increases fat oxidation when you pair it with exercise. Also, both oolong and green teas help your body burn fat more effectively by around 17%.
Plant foods such as green leafy vegetables come with lots of clinical nutrition including vitamin B, vitamin D, and many more. Though there is not enough evidence to say that vitamin D has something to do with weight loss, study showed that it can potentially impact overall nutrient absorption, which is also necessary for fat loss processes.
Also, aside from green leafy veggies, other plant foods may contain vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients that assist in burning additional calories. They also lower inflammation through their anti-inflammatory properties, which is a significant contributing factor to one’s metabolism. Examples of such foods are chia seeds and sweet lime.
You may be surprised that water is not included in the food category. However, water may affect your metabolism as well. Once the body is hydrated, the body burns belly fat and calories within. Hot water further facilitates fat burn especially when combined with an active lifestyle.
Along with water, however, nutritionists suggest that you can consume fiber-rich foods and probiotic-rich foods as a complimentary to water. This does not only help you lose fat, but facilitates calorie burn. You may also consider brown rice in your daily diet.
Metabolism, also sometimes called metabolic rate, is defined as the series of chemical reactions involving the creation and breaking down of necessary energy within the body. As the body converts foods into fats, calories, and nutrients for a flatter stomach, that is where weight loss could come in. Having said that, metabolism significantly affects your weight and body figure.
If the metabolic rate is slow or low, it means fat stores up inside your body. When the metabolism is fast or high, lots of fats and calories are being burnt. However, we cannot entirely lame metabolism for your weight gain. It is influenced by your diet and lifestyle. TO know more about how metabolism works, here is a useful source we can offer.
If you are looking for flat stomach foods, several foods and drinks can be considered. These diet-rich foods are always important in sustaining low-calorie diets while avoiding high-calorie one.
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