April 1, 2023

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As someone ages, they experience a large variety of experiences. Some are good, bad, crazy, exciting, the list goes on of course. Typically, when someone gets older, formal responsibilities go down. Retirement sets in, and the days of “kick back and relax” ensue. Wake up, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then back to bed. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and so on. Of course, you may see the grandkids, and have your church group that meets on the weekends, but you may be asking yourself “is this it?” I will jump to the conclusion and tell you, absolutely not. You have something to offer the world. Let’s take a look at what I mean.
For starters, this article is designed for older adults who seem stuck in their current life, wondering what’s next for them. If you are still working full time, have a large amount of formal responsibilities, and feel completely fulfilled, this article may not be for you. From my experience working with older adults, this is more of the exception.
Moving forward, humans are designed to solve problems. Although we all enjoy our time relaxing in the sun, this can only fulfill our lives for a short amount of time. This is why a lot of the seniors I know and work with try to find part time jobs, volunteering gigs, and other ways to be a part of something. This provides not only seniors, but anyone who does these things, a sense of purpose and community. Working towards something that will help others in some way. If one isn’t working towards something, no matter how small, the brain starts to starve for growth. Life seemingly becomes meaningless, with no real reason to get dressed in the morning. What can we do about this?
If you are an older adult that is currently reading this, and you feel like something is missing in your life, I want you to consider this. What is something that you truly want in your life? This is vastly different from what you “think” you should want in life. You may “think” you should want to travel because you are retired. You may “think” you want to enjoy your days volunteering and giving back to the world. These all sound nice, and perhaps you do want these things. The problem lies in when you feel forced to live your life a certain way because that’s what is the “norm.” What if instead of traveling the world, you actually want to go back to school? What if instead of volunteering, you actually just want to enjoy time helping raise your grandkids? You should not feel bad for choosing things that you really want, just because that’s what others do or think you should do. So I ask, again, what do you truly want? This is the time of your life to do anything. Learn a new skill, go out dating, do what you truly want! What’s next is not just another day watching the clock until the next meal. What’s next is a new horizon of opportunities. No matter how old you are, have “capable” you may be, or what you have previously accomplished, you have something special to experience and bring to the world. I hope this encourages you to take some action, and start moving towards making your golden years.
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