March 22, 2023

Are you exercising daily along with eating healthy protein and fiber? If your answer is yes, then your chances of weight loss increase significantly. Actually some factors are very important for weight loss. Many things are responsible for how much and how fast your weight will decrease. Losing too much weight too fast will not be beneficial, it can cause weakness in your body. Most experts do not recommend eating less than 1,200 calories in your daily diet because this leads to unhealthy weight loss. Weakness begins to appear in your body.
Your lifestyle
You need to improve your lifestyle. Your diet, physical activity, sleep and stress level are also factors that are responsible for weight loss. It includes many small things like going to bed one hour earlier and waking up one hour earlier, giving up all kinds of packaged foods, giving up alcohol.

Sleep is necessary
How much sleep we get every day has a huge impact on our metabolic rate and how fast we lose weight. Experts argue that people who sleep less than seven hours per night have a slower metabolism. When sleep apnea occurs, weight gain may begin. Treating sleep apnea can help speed up weight loss.

The challenge of reducing weight with aging
As people grow older, it becomes difficult for them to lose weight. Gaining weight in growing age is no less than a challenge. This can be due to many reasons such as hormonal changes and muscle problems that occur with aging. However, one way to prevent or reduce the loss of lean body mass with age is to exercise daily. Eating a diet rich in protein also helps in building muscle.

Try this Indian meal plan for one month to lose weight
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