June 2, 2023

Japanese-based clean beauty brand Waphyto is pleased to announce that they will be a featured exhibitor at the prestigious Pitti Fragranze trade show this September, in Florence, Italy. At this year’s exhibition, Waphyto will be introducing its first home fragrance products, to be added to the brand’s overall collection of holistic health and wellness items.
The event, which will be hosted from September 16-18, is an international conference held annually in Europe for the artistic perfumery and lifestyle community. Fragranze, officially known as La Città delle Fragranze or The City of Fragrances, is part of the Pitti Immagine trade fair network, whose mission is to spark conversations and creative collaborations within the fashion, food, fragrance, and publishing industries worldwide.
The Pitti Fragranze event has been hosted since 2003 and is an opportunity for visitors to be introduced to the latest fragrances as well as other industry trends. The 2022 exhibition is expected to draw as many as 2,000 professionals and representatives, including major fragrance industry leaders and debut brands such as Waphyto.
Uniquely Inspired: About Waphyto’s Approach To Fragrance
Waphyto is a holistic beauty and wellness brand founded by award-winning phytotherapist, Atsuko Morita, whose background includes extensive experience studying herbology and botanical therapies. Her formulations are based largely on phytotherapy, and she is a leading contributor to the field, having studied botanical therapy at the Medical School of Paris 13 University.
In her home country of Japan, Atsuko Morita has contributed additionally to plant bio research, establishing an AMPP (L’Association Médicale pour la Promotion de la Phytothérapie) approved
phytotherapy school “Le Bois”, and developing products for her own brand, Waphyto, in more recent years.
For creating truly unique scents and a multi-dimensional sensory experience, all products within the Waphyto collection contain specially designed aromatherapy fragrances derived from botanical essential oils. Additionally, many of the fragrances are inspired by ancient wisdom, traditional philosophies, and sciences, such as Yin and Yang, and the Theory of Qi, Blood, and Water.
About Waphyto:The Power of Plants Meets Modern Cosmetic Science
Waphyto is a self care and wellness brand that combines the finest natural ingredients with the most sophisticated cosmetic innovations.
From skincare to body and hair care, the products embody an appreciation for Japanese Wa culture – promoting peace and harmony. With a passion for preserving the purity of nature, Waphyto works to ensure that all ingredients and formulas meet the highest standards of the company’s scientists and herbalists, as well as those of today’s socially responsible marketplace.
All Waphyto products:

Use 100% natural plant-based essential oils

Waphyto is committed to producing holistic wellness products that are Elemental, Ethical, Environmental, and Empowering. These four keywords encompass the company’s definition of clean beauty and brand accountability.
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