February 2, 2023

People choose to work out for a number of reasons. Some do it to lose weight and get into shape. Others feel great from the endorphins. And many just want to lead a healthier life. As it turns out, daily exercise is also a great way to prevent and relieve some of the pain that comes with aging. Luckily, there are many exercises that can cover all of these bases—especially when it comes to the ones that work your core.
To learn more about the numerous benefits of core exercises and discover the best one out there to help you stay in shape and relieve pain, we spoke to Luke Milton, Celebrity Trainer & Founder of LA Fitness Studio Training Mate. He told us there’s one exercise in particular you can do every day to reap these benefits: a forearm plank.

Forearm Plank

Milton says a standard forearm plank is one of his go-to exercises. In fact, he tells us he does them every day—and everyone over 40 could benefit from doing the same! When you work your core with an exercise such as this one, you’re setting your body up for success both in terms of pain relief and weight loss.
“The core is the central hub of the body,” he explains, noting that for this reason, “A strong core is imperative to a strong and balanced body.” That’s because when you strengthen your core, you aren’t just strengthening your abs. “You are strengthening muscles in your lower back, pelvis, hips and abdomen, thus making your exercises more effective,” Milton says.
It’s no secret that ab workouts are some of the best ways to lose weight and prevent weight gain in your midsection (especially when combined with ample cardio), but did you know they can also help relieve pain in your back? That’s because, like we mentioned, you’re strengthening your back muscles while you work your core. And, as Milton explains, “Strong muscles of the lower back in particular are crucial to alleviating back pain.” Perfect!
Okay, so now that you know how great core exercises are for your body, you might be wondering the best way to complete your daily forearm plank for optimal results. Luckily, Milton gave us step-by-step instructions: “Start in a prone position on your elbow and knees,” he says. “When stable, straighten your legs and keep your back straight and your hips still.” Next up, you should “tuck your ribs and hips and draw in your belly button, hold this for 45-60 seconds.” Then, just repeat those steps 3 times!
If you find this too difficult at first, you can ease your way in. “A regression is to do this on your knees,” Milton shares. “If you do that, also place your toes on the ground to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.” Noted!
Whether you need to build your strength by starting on your knees or not, a forearm plank is a great way to work your core every single day—your body will thank you!
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