March 26, 2023

Does it work? – What do I need to know? – Which possibilities does it have and which it has not? 
It is true and we have repeatedly mentioned it the market for weight loss supplements is huge involving a high number of products available.
As it happens with all markets of various products, some of them are worthwhile, while others are just a waste of time and money.
Must Read: Burn Evolved is scientifically proven to burn fat effectively and  fast
However, how do you protect yourself from this large and complex market?
The research of various reviews on the internet is a way to understand the impact (positive or even negative) of a product on the potential user.
As a team, we have presented and discussed a number of fat loss supplements in different periods. 
Today we are going to present and examine another fat burner, the Burn Evolved of the company Sculpt Nation.
Some of you may already know this product and you may even have seen ads or reviews online.
Nevertheless, one statement of the company that it produces immediate results raises doubts about the truth behind the supplement.
In any case, we wonder how feasible is that in reality?
How can a fat burner – 100% natural and non-chemical – provide such rapid physical benefits? 
In fact, this is not the only one with similar claims, advertising that it helps any user to eliminate fat fast. 
In the meantime, you should know that such a thing is practically impossible.
The only way to burn fat too fast is to stimulate a combination of different biological processes in your organism, however requiring the use of strong chemical fat burners, which is not the case with Sculpt Nation’s Burn Evolved.
Therefore, is it worth trying this specific product?
Below, let’s examine the identity of the Burn Evolved of the company Sculpt Nation and what are the other alternatives available for achieving my goal (lose fat)
The top three (3) alternatives to Burn Evolved (Editor’s Choices)
PhenQ – Top alternative for maximum weight loss (men and women)
LeanBean – Top proposal especially for women
PrimeShred – Top Offer especially for Men
Must Read: Burn Evolved is scientifically proven to burn fat effectively and  fast
Burn Evolved – what it is
Burn Evolved is a fat-burning supplement created to boost the organism’s metabolic function and help you burn fat faster and more efficiently.
The company behind the product, Sculpt Nation is based in the United States and has released a number of different products, focusing on sports enhancement supplements.
Some of them – such as Test Boost Max (testosterone booster), HGH Boost (growth hormone booster) and Turmeric Black (erection booster) – are well known to the public.
However, Burn Evolved is undoubtedly the company’s top product, has numerous positive reviews on the internet and has managed to get a pretty good and honest rating.
Nevertheless, one reason that somewhat makes us “question” the promises of the supplement is the kind of aggressive marketing used by the manufacturer to promote it (and the rest of its products).
This is why we decided to take a closer look at this supplement and its capabilities, but also at the company producing it.
A few notes on the manufacturing company of Burn Evolved 
The manufacturer of the Burn Evolved fat loss and weight loss supplement, Sculpt Nation, is a legal company based in the USA, a producer of many well-known sports supplements for athletic stimulation and health.
We have already mentioned the aggressive marketing strategy of the company, which has impressed us so much.
The company’s marketing strategy also includes recruiting a dedicated team of distributors.
We assume that the distributors’ goal is to try to increase their sales volume.
In fact, some may even assume that some of the reviews may be biased.
From the product names (as in the case of Burn Evolved today) to their websites, we would say that Sculpt Nation makes numerous huge promises.
The question is, if it is able to fulfill them. 
If there is one thing we can say for sure is that Sculpt Nation (manufacturer of the fat loss supplement Burn Evolved) is a world-famous legal and pioneer brand of sports supplements.
Based in the United States with FDA-approved facilities, it meets all safety requirements set by law.
The need of many of the company’s customers at V Shred fitness for reliable tips on nutritional supplements and training aids gave birth to this Sculpt Nation’s supplement and this was how the company developed it. 
A brand meeting the exact scientific, quality and performance standards required by customers, containing natural ingredients of the highest quality and the most targeted action.
Contact Phone: 1.888.267.4650
What does Burn Evolved promise?
Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved claims to be a fast fat burner boosting metabolic function and targeting even the most stubborn local fat.
According to the company and the supplement’s official website, Burn Evolved, can help enhance metabolic function with the power of the organism’s natural biochemical process of thermogenesis, resulting in increased combustion of stored fat.
Nevertheless, one of the key promises of the company – a promise that should not be ignored – is that it can help effectively increase BAT (brown adipose tissue).
However, why is adipose tissue a good thing?
Brown adipose tissue or BAT, has nothing to do with white adipose tissue.
It is a metabolically active form of fat found in small amounts in the human organism, aiming to burn calories for producing heat.
This is the first and most basic stage to achieve the biochemical function of thermogenesis, then leading the organism to speed up metabolism and increase fat-burning.
In any case, where is the “catch”?
It sounds like a very interesting claim.
The problem, however, is that it does not seem to be supported by any real scientific evidence or research, as the company does not provide any clear reference to official scientific data supporting its product and the claims made.
Furthermore, there is another issue.
The other problem with the company’s claims about Burn Evolved’s ability to grow BAT is that they sound too optimistic to be true.
It is almost impossible for a natural fat burner (non-chemical like Burn Evolved) to be able to increase BAT and cause such massive fat-burning so quickly.
It can happen but it takes a long time before there will be real visible physical benefits.
Fitness supplements have a small range of action and relatively little effect on BAT levels, so such rapid weight loss is rather utopian. 

Burn Evolved – Composition
●    Epigallocatechin (from Green Tea Leaf extract) 300 mg
●    Cayenne Fruit Extract (Capsimax ™) 100 mg
●    Caffeine 100 mg
●    Grains of Paradise Seed Extract (Paradoxine ®) 30 mg
●    Yohimbine Hydrochloride 6 mg
●    Rauwolscine 3 mg

Ingredients and action
Ingredients can inform us exactly (without exaggeration) about a dietary supplement and its possibilities, as long as we know how to “read” them.
The higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the results and the more correct their dosages, the greater the final benefits.
The more studied the formula supported by scientific data, the more dynamic the synergistic action of its components and therefore the greater the profits.
The problem with this supplement, however, is that we have some doubts about the effectiveness of its ingredient formula.
In fact, in its composition, you find some very good ingredients, extremely beneficial for weight loss.
However, some do not have sufficient scientific support.
To be more specific let’s look at each of these ingredients in detail
Caffeine is a powerful natural stimulant promoting the acceleration of metabolism and enhancing the burning of stored body fat.
It belongs to the so-called “calorific” ingredients, and surely, we find it in coffee, tea and cocoa.
It is no coincidence that caffeine is also met in many energy drinks and pre-workout supplements.
It awakens the brain and gives a huge boost of energy to the organism (and mind).
Caffeine works by stimulating the nervous system, so implying greater alertness, improved perception and enhanced focus.
Caffeine is without a doubt a key ingredient for weight loss.
A very effective fat burner supported by many scientific studies.
The problem with caffeine is for some people who are sensitive to stimulants.
Its use – in this category of people – can cause some side effects, such as nervousness, headache, increased stress, palpitations and insomnia. Especially when combined with the Yohimbine ingredient (as in the Burn Evolved supplement), side effects become more likely.
Yohimbine Hydrochloride
Yohimbine is also a natural ingredient extracted from the bark of a tree – Pausinystalia Yohimbe – growing mainly in Africa.
A very interesting ingredient used for centuries in traditional African medicine for treating various health problems.
Yohimbine Hydrochloride offers significant benefits by blocking the action of a neurotransmitter (noradrenaline) and resulting in a vertical increase in blood flow and adrenaline levels in the organism.
You wonder about the result. More enhanced metabolism.
Nevertheless, as mentioned above, Yohimbine – although it is indeed a very effective fat burner – when combined with caffeine (as in the Burn Evolved supplement), can cause some very annoying side effects.
It essentially enhances the side effects of caffeine.
(This of course only applies to people who are sensitive to caffeine and stimulants in general).
Some of these side effects include high blood pressure, high stress and dizziness.
Another “key” ingredient in weight loss is certainly green tea. It is the number one (1) ingredient for detoxification and weight loss, found it in a variety of weight loss pills.
Consumed for many centuries in Asian cultures, it is considered as a “secret health ingredient”.
Its rich flavonoid composition (specifically in a type of flavonoid called catechins) effectively boosts metabolism and promotes the burning of persistent fat.
One of the catechins found in green tea – and in fact in a high content – is epigallocatechin-3-French (or EGCG), a powerful green tea extract, shown to help with weight loss.
However, what is the problem then?
EGCG is not very bio-available, practically meaning that it is not easily absorbed by the organism, so it is not as active as we would like or would expect and hope it to be. 
Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract
Cayenne pepper seeds are a type of chilli pepper widely used in many types of cooking (especially in Indian, Arabic and Chinese cuisine).
In any case, cayenne pepper is not only used as a cooking ingredient, but also for therapeutic purposes.
It is a key ingredient in traditional medicine for treating a variety of health conditions.
The action of this ingredient is due to a chemical compound contained, called capsaicin.
This chemical has strong thermogenic properties, which means a more active metabolic rate and greater calorie burning.
There are many scientific studies confirming the action of cayenne pepper.
However, people who have problems with their gastrointestinal tract are more likely to have some gastrointestinal side effects (such as indigestion and heartburn).
Grains of Paradise Seed
One of the reasons for expressing reservations about the Burn Evolved supplement is the Grains of Paradise ingredient.
Although you will often come across it in weight loss supplements, it does not actually have enough reliable scientific evidence to support it.
Grains of Paradise are another plant species found mainly in Africa.
Its seeds have been used for centuries in African traditional medicine and it is believed they offer powerful thermogenic properties for stimulating metabolism.
Nevertheless, the scientific evidence behind this ingredient is not yet sufficient.
The only study done is in rats, it showed that the rats given the Grains of Paradise seeds also showed liver toxicity.
Burn Evolved – does it really work?
What we can say for sure is that Burn Evolved is a one hundred (100%) per cent natural nutritional supplement, non-chemical, non-toxic and does not cause side effects in the organism.
However, in order to determine their true potential for fat-burning, we must first consider the science, and therefore the active ingredients of the supplement.
Looking carefully at the ingredients of the Burn Evolved supplement, we would say that we were not impressed.
Yes. It may offer some benefits.
However, in general, the components of the supplement are not in very high doses, while some of them are not so bio-available.
Maybe it’s worth a try, maybe not.
What is certain is that there are much more effective fat loss supplements on the market, with much more enhanced formulas (and even scientifically proven potency).
Let’s see immediately the main (and most effective) suggestions we have for to you after intensive research.
Alternative suggestions and action
We identified the top three (3) fat burners on the market, tested their composition, and we are ready to present them. 
They come one by one below. 
1. PhenQ – Top alternative for maximum weight loss (men and women)
Surely, you have noticed the high number of available products in the market, a huge variety of products targeting different body spots.
Something you may not have noticed is that most of these products have an “expiry date”.
This means they do not last for more than a few seasons on the market. They are “temporary”.
On the contrary, the PhenQ supplement is one of the few (if not the only one) fat burners that has managed to stay “alive” for 9 years and in fact constantly maintaining the first place in the preference of the consumer (men and women alike ).
Isn’t that in itself a very important reason to pay a little more attention to this interesting fat burner and its action?
Its thousands of sales around the world confirm our view of this fat burner. PhenQ is one of the most popular weight loss supplements, evidenced by the fact that it has managed to gain more than 190,000 satisfied customers over the years.
It’s a claim that certainly cannot easily make another weight loss supplement.
The powerful combination of its thermogenic fat-burning ingredients with effective metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants makes weight loss seem more feasible than ever.
It helps you burn excess fat quickly, efficiently, and most importantly without side effects.
Active formula
●    Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate) 230 mg 23% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)
●    Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate) 80 mcg 67% of RDA
●    α-Lacys Reset (a synergistic combination of alpha-lipoic acid and L-cysteine) 25 mg
●    L-carnitine fumarate 150 mg
●    Caffeine Anhydrous 100 mg
●    Nopal Cactus fiber 20 mg
●    Capsimax ™ Plus Blend 50 mg

Capsimax ™ Plus Blend – ingredients
●    Capsicum Fruit Extract (2% capsaicinoids)
●    Caffeine Anhydrous
●    Niacin
●    Black Pepper Fruit Extract (50% piperine)

Why should I select PhenQ instead of Burn Evolved?
The reasons to prefer PhenQ are many and very important.
First, let us emphasize once again the fact that PhenQ is the only weight loss pill with so many years of successful course.
An effective weight loss product, premium and extremely popular among the potential users.
Next, worth mentioning is that PhenQ has one of the most effective (and in fact with many scientific studies to prove it) ingredient formulas found in the global market of OTC (legal & non-prescription) diet pills.
Its active formula is the closest you will find to the fat-burning drug Phentermine.
PhenQ offers all the benefits of this prescription substance, with zero side effects and risks for the organism.
Contains a very active ingredient, ɑ-Lacys Reset.
It is a mixture of ingredients, a patented formula created by Nutraceuticals International Group, a unique blend combining two very active fat-burning ingredients: alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.
Ingredients promote weight loss, enhance metabolic function and target stubborn accumulated fat, while at the same time fighting oxidative stress and improving the mood and motivation of the dieter.
Besides, another fact worth mentioning is that, PhenQ although it also uses caffeine as a powerful fat-dissolving and metabolic enhancer; it does not use its “dreaded” combination with the ingredient Yohimbine.
Thus, it avoids the manifestation of side effects such as the development of nervousness, intense stress, insomnia and palpitations.
Instead, to enhance the energy benefits and physical strength and endurance of the user further, it uses a combination of caffeine with Capsimax.
Capsimax is a more advanced form of cayenne pepper extract, so it is more bioavailable, more effective and with fewer side effects, a patented blend as well.
Finally, it uses another key ingredient – Nopal cactus – one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants.
2. LeanBean – Top proposal especially for Women
LeanBean is the top weight loss supplement in the global market for women today.
A new generation nutritional supplement specially designed to work and perform on the complex female organism.
Exclusively for women, of all ages and all weights.
For women of all body types.
LeanBean is designed to fight the persistent and uncontrollable cravings, as well as the overeating crises resulting from the hormonal disorders of the female organism.
Created for directly targeting the stored stubborn fat of the various fat stores of the female body.
Finally, the Lean bean has been made to fit and improve the quality of life of women today, to boost their metabolism and improve the way their organism manages food.
Active formula
●    Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 1.70 mg 100% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)
●    Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 2.40 μg 100% of RDA
●    Chromium (as Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate) 35 μg 100% of RDA
●    Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 11 mg 100% of RDA
●    Potassium (as Potassium Chloride) 10 mg, 1% of RDA
●    Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acids) 6000 mg
●    Acai Berry Extract 10: 1 20 mg
●    Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (root) 50 mg
●    Konjac Fiber (Glucomannan) (from Amorphophallus Konjac) (root) 3000 mg
●    Garcinia Cambogia Extract (fruit) (50% HCA | HydroxyCitric Acid) 100 mg
●    Choline (as Choline Bitartrate) 82.5 mg
●    Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) 20 mg


Why should I pick up LeanBean instead of Burn Evolved?
You will see that the Lean bean pill combines a large number of scientifically proven powerful fat-burning ingredients and metabolic boosters.
From zinc and green coffee to acai and turmeric, the Lean bean formula is a real “dynamite” for body fat!
Another one of the most important ingredients of the powerful LeanBean fat burner is glucomannan, one of the main reasons to select this weight loss pill.
In a huge amount (the maximum possible dosage), the glucomannan found in the Lean bean supplement, as an indigestible carbohydrate, works in the organism by absorbing a huge amount of fluids (water and stomach fluids) and multiplying its volume.
In this way, it occupies a huge part of the stomach, strongly creating a feeling of fullness in the user, preventing overeating and consumption of unnecessary calories eventually converted into body fat.
Specifically, it can reduce the daily calorie intake from eight (800) to one thousand (1000).
With a quantity of three (3) grams of glucomannan, LeanBean is undoubtedly the top choice in suppressants, especially for women.
However, there is another reason to prefer LeanBean instead of Burn Evolved, due to its important prebiotic properties improving the overall gastrointestinal health of the user, and favoring easier and faster weight loss.
It promotes the health of beneficial gastrointestinal bacteria ultimately regulating the balance of the immune system, promoting the production of neurotransmitters and determining the organic metabolic rate.
The improved function of neurotransmitters acts as an anxiolytic for the organism, helping reduce the cravings and crises of emotional overeating afflicting the majority of women.
3. PrimeShred – Top offer especially for men
PrimeShred is another very powerful supplement for cutting and universal shredding of the body, offered to you without any hesitation.
Ideal for men and women loving fitness and a flawless muscular body, without fat.
This supplement has become popular even among professionals in the field of sports for the top results ensured without any side effects.
With active ingredients – all selected one by one with great care – it has one of the most powerful formulas found on the market and ensures anabolic steroid results without creating any risk.
It uniquely enhances the metabolic function and increases the fat-burning achieving burning of even the intra-visceral fat (as for example in the liver, which is one of the most dangerous forms).
PrimeShred with powerful calorie fat-burning ingredients promotes weight loss, while also emphasizing other weight-loss tactics such as suppressing appetite, stimulating available energy and dealing with feelings of exhaustion, improving psychology and increasing motivation and in protecting the muscles from damage and maintaining the muscular reconstruction of the body.
Active formula
●    Vitamin B3 as Niacin (15 mg) 94% of RDD (Recommended Daily Dose
●    Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine-HCl (1.3 mg) 76% of RDD
●    Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin (24 mcg) 1000% of RDD
●    Vitamin D3 vegan as Cholecalciferol (45 mcg / 1800 IU) 225% of RDD
●    Green Tea Extract leaf from Camellia Sinensis standardized to contain 50% Polyphenols (500 mg)
●    L-Tyrosine (300 mg)
●    Rhodiola Rosea sp. root standardized to contain 3% Salidrosides (250 mg)
●    L-Theanine (250 mg)
●    Caffeine Anhydrous (225 mg)
●    Cayenne Pepper fruit from Capsicum Annum 10: 1 Extract (200 mg)
●    DiMethylAminoEthanol as DMAE Bitartrate (150 mg)
●    Green Coffee Bean Extract 4: 1 from Coffea Arabica (100 mg)
●    BioPerine® Black Pepper fruit from Piper Nigrum standardized to contain 95% Piperine (5 mg)

In the formula, you also find:
●    Magnesium Stearate
●    Hypromellose (Veggie Capsule)
●    Silica

Why should I select Leanbean instead of Burn Evolved?
Leanbean is another weight loss pill working by imitating the drug Fentermin, an enhanced fat-burning and appetite suppressant.
This is the main reason that is preferred by professionals in the field of sports and certainly preferred by us, instead of Burn Evolved of Sculpt Nation.
Product of a world-renowned nutritional supplement company such as Health Nutrition Ltd., it is a safe choice without risk.
Leanbean has a very powerful ingredient formula with excellent (and even multi-action) capabilities.
It offers a strong caloric effect that increases the organic internal temperature and enhances metabolism, automatically improving the fat loss results achieved in the body.
In addition, energy reserves increase, and the user does not feel empty of batteries.
The benefits in relation to athletic performance, physical strength, endurance and motivation are also important.
An important reason to prefer Leanbeand is its active ingredients.
Among them, you find some very strong natural fat-burning ingredients (such as green tea extract and cayenne pepper).
Nevertheless, you will also find ingredients working indirectly to help you lose weight, promoting overall good health.
In any case, the greatest innovation of Leanbean is that some very strong natural nootropic ingredients, offering increased degree of alertness, focus, motivation, perceptual ability and complex thinking, complement its composition.
Must Read: Burn Evolved is scientifically proven to burn fat effectively and  fast
Burn Evolved|Purchase – Final Thoughts
The purchase of the Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved weight loss supplement may be done safely via its official website on the internet.
However – and in case you are looking for the best – there are much better alternatives (instead of Burn Evolved) that you can pick up and you will definitely not waste the money spent.
Our safe and effective alternatives for fast weight loss are shown below:
LeanBean – Top proposal especially for women

This content is created by on behalf of their client. For any queries or clarification please mail to:
Deccan Herald does not vouch, endorse, or guarantee any of the above content, nor is it responsible for them in any manner whatsoever.
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