February 9, 2023

Home Remedies For Bad Breath: Due to contaminated food and not cleaning the teeth properly, most of the people get bad breath problem. Many reasons can be responsible for bad breath. But people who eat too much oil or onion and garlic food often face this problem. Apart from this, the problem of acidity can also cause bad breath. At the same time, this problem is seen in those people who stay awake for a long time or consume more alcohol and cigarettes. If you are also embarrassed in front of people because of bad breath, these remedies can help you.
Peepal ke patton ka ye remedy for mouth odor
Peepal tree can prove to be a panacea for people whose mouth smells bad all the time. To get rid of mouth odor, you wake up to chew leaves of peepal. Agar people ki dandi mil saki hai to ye aur bhi bejaind hai. Easa datun karne se mouth ki badbu to door hoti hai saath hi dant bhi saaf hote hai. Apart from this, by boiling the new buds of Peepal in water and rinsing them 8 to 10 times in the morning and evening, all the bacteria trapped between the teeth are eliminated.
These home remedies will get rid of bad breath-

Cinnamon is not only for the taste of food but also beneficial for health in many ways. A substance called cinnamic aldehyde in cinnamon can help eliminate bad breath. For this you should rinse with cinnamon tea or cinnamon powder water.
Antibacterial properties present in fennel can help in removing bad breath. For this you should eat saunf 3-4 times a day with saunf ki chai. Ye muh ki badbu door karne men maddaggar saki hai.
Nowadays there are many types of mouthwashes available in the market which can help in getting rid of bad breath. But do not use mouthwash daily. Long-term use of chlorhexidine present in it can damage teeth.
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