March 22, 2023

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Read Sweegen’s white paper to learn about recent wellness consumer trends as a result of the pandemic, clinical science supporting the safe use of stevia sweeteners for sugar reduction, and Sweegen’s nature-based sugar reduction options for promotion of healthier global diets.
Yeast ingredients can support plant-based movement, Biospringer underscores
21 Sep 2022 — Biospringer, a player in natural yeast ingredients, helps overcome the challenges often associated with formulating appealing plant-based products with good taste, texture and overall appearance for food… Read More
Reformulation strategies: Key ingredient suppliers leverage functional solutions for streamlining recipes
21 Sep 2022 — With players in the food industry consistently carving out pathways for flavor and functional innovation, ingredient suppliers offer aid in the discoveries of new and trailblazing methods for market-ready and… Read More
Vitafoods and Fi Asia 2022: Functional food enriching solutions, plant-powered meals and botanical flavors
21 Sep 2022 — Great interest is sweeping across the Asia-Pacific region in healthier food and beverage solutions, complemented by food supplement products. At the upcoming co-hosted Vitafoods Asia and Fi Asia event hosted in… Read More
U-turn on UK sugar tax? Health bodies hold breath as Truss considers scrapping soft drinks levy
20 Sep 2022 — UK prime minister Liz Truss faces mounting pressure not to scrap the sugar tax on soft drinks, which has been in force for several years, and keep healthy food strategies that have previously been laid out on… Read More
How microplastics spread through the food chain: Finnish researchers trace particle transfer from soil
20 Sep 2022 — Researchers have found that sub-micron plastics (SMPs) are absorbed by plants, raising concern over the quantity of microplastics that are consumed through the food system. The study showed that the polymer type… Read More
Sweegen shines light on hidden sugars in everyday foods
18 Jul 2022 — Foods we consume daily have higher amounts of sugar than you may think. Kaimana Chee, chef ambassador partnering with Sweegen, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst on how stevia can be used to replace the sugar in tacos, beverages, condiments and desserts like cinnamon churros.  
Puratos unveils new branding format
21 Mar 2022 — The Puratos Group, global specialist in bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients unveils a new brand identity, featuring a new logo, house colors and tagline, “Food Innovation for Good”. The branding represents the company’s goal to create food solutions for the health and well-being of people and the planet. Sophie Blum, chief marketing officer at Puratos shares insights into the vision of the revamped brand with FoodIngredientsFirst.  
Taste, Texture and Health – Enjoy it all
07 Mar 2022 — At DSM in Food & Beverage, we strive for a world where you don’t have to choose between Taste, Texture and Health. All while reducing demands on the planet’s resources. With our science-based ingredients, expertise and solutions, we work with you to deliver delicious, nutritious, sustainable products that consumers will love.
Probiotic future: Chic-kles makes functional first step with ADM’s BPL1 in a gum
01 Feb 2022 — Conventional chewing gum brand Chic-kles Gum is unleashing a new era of functional products. Slim&Fit sugar-free gum is formulated with ADM’s BPL1 probiotic, which has been studied in a number of trials for its potential to decrease waist circumference. Samuel Bonete, sales and marketing, describes the three year development and verification process.
Dairy and plant-based functional F&B
09 Dec 2021 — Valio is focusing on health and nutrition, unveiling better-for-you solutions like sugar reduction and protein enrichment. Timo Pajari explains how lactose-free Nutri F+ milk powder helps appeal to seniors in markets like Asia, where lactose intolerance is especially widespread. The company has also long maintained a presence in the plant-based market, with Pajari anticipating a growing interest in this area.
Reducing sugar without losing taste
13 Sep 2022 — Consumers are demanding more from food and beverage brands than ever before, with better health and sustainability top of mind. However, the taste experience is still key. Ingredion helps companies understand the impact reducing sugar can have on their brand. With its innovative portfolio of plant-based sweeteners and functional build back tools, global formulation expertise and new sugar reduction life cycle assessment, Ingredion approaches sugar reduction with health, taste, and sustainability in mind. Learn about the stevia innovations making this possible and how other sweetener options measure up.
Game-changing plant proteins for meat alternatives
26 Apr 2022 — During this webinar, our experts will unpack our family of game-changing plant-based proteins, ingredients, expertise and nutritional solutions that boost taste, texture and health in meat alternatives – including our latest innovations.
Plant-based: The Canvas for Innovation
17 Mar 2022 — With personal health and global sustainability proving to be strong drivers of consumer choice, plant-based R&D has refocused from mimicking meat, fish and dairy, to optimizing options that stand on their own merits. “Plant-based: The canvas for innovation” is #2 of Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2022. Join Myrthe de Beukelaar, Sr. Market Analyst, as she elaborates on the evolution of plant-based options in the food and beverage industry.
The Editor Presents: The Beverage Issue
16 Mar 2022 — Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green in a 15-minute roundup of themes from this beverage-themed edition. Healthier reformulations of drinks, alongside a rise in ultra-indulgent ice creams, are boosting NPD activity. Meanwhile, environmentally sustainable innovation comes to the fore in a breakdown of enzymatic recycling and Coca-Cola’s plant-based bottles. Microalgae and gut health supplements are also spotlighted in this issue.
trendscope 2022+
20 Jan 2022 — Today’s consumers expect a lot from the food and beverage products they choose. To successfully respond to changing consumer needs and wants, the industry needs to decode latest consumer trends. This applies especially when COVID-19 acts as an accelerator of change.Regine Lueghausen, Global Flavor Marketing Head at Symrise, and Leif Jago, Junior Marketer Global Flavor Marketing at Symrise, reveal in this webinar the latest consumer trends in food and beverages decoded by trendscopeTM 2022+.
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