February 9, 2023

SUFFOCATING under his massive 47st frame, Britain’s fattest man is lucky he dialled 999 when he did.
Jason Holton, 32, may otherwise not have survived a series of mini-strokes and suspected blood clot caused by his weight back in June.
Doctors doubted Jason, from Camberley, Surrey, would survive the night as he edged closer to "total organ failure", but fortunately he pulled through and is now resting up in a private nursing home.
Now to help him slim down, Jason has been restricted to drinking 1.5 litres – around three pints – every 24 hours after previously guzzling up to five litres of fizzy drinks.
The takeaway addict, who used to scoff 10,000 calories a day, tells The Sun it has been “torture” and has threatened to call the police, claiming his “human rights” have been breached.
It is just the latest chapter in Jason's extreme life after being classed as super obese and costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds.
Jason blames his unhealthy obsession with food on developing depression after an early childhood trauma.
He claims it stemmed from the death of his father, Sultan Nemer, who passed away after a car accident at the age of 21.
The struggles of growing up without a dad from the age of three led Jason to gorge on food and sneakily buy fast food when his mum, Leisa, was not looking.
"I used to be cheeky and get takeaways outside the house after eating – something quick like a baguette," he said.
Jason says he was always a "big lad" despite being "very active" and eventually weighed 24st by his teen years.
In a bid to help him lose weight, he was sent to a nine-week ‘fat camp’ in New Jersey, US, and managed to lose a few stone.
He claims lymphedema, which causes his legs to swell from excessive water retention, and blood pressure issues have contributed to his inability to slim down.
By the time Jason turned 26, he weighed 40st, but felt hopeful after being offered a gastric band by the NHS.
However, on the day of the operation, he was told that he was 6st too heavy for the equipment. 
Jason’s weight ballooned further after he signed up for JustEat in 2014.
The delivery app allowed him to splurge £30 a day on his favourite takeaway dishes – doner kebabs, chow mein and chips – which he topped up with five litres of fizzy drinks, chocolates, sweets and crisps. 
Jason says he spent up to £10,000 a year on food delivered to his door and describes his bank statements as “a joke”.
“I take self-responsibility for my situation but if it wasn’t for food delivery apps, I’d never be as bad as I am now,” he added.
Jason gorged until he reached 50st and was unable to leave his mum's second-storey maisonette for five years.
Despite her efforts, Leisa struggled to get her son to lose weight and in 2020 admitted: “I fear for him and I fear losing him. 
“Doctors have said he won’t last another five years, he’ll end up having a heart attack.”
Jason insists his battle with lymphedema has made it harder for him to lose weight – and left him bedbound.
In 2020, at the height of his depression, he admitted having given up the will to live .
Jason said: "I had eaten to a point where I suddenly couldn’t move an inch and I was happy to stay there without calling for help.
“I left myself to die and waited for my heart to give up. I felt there was nothing left in life for me."
After Jason's health declined further, he called emergency services, who spent seven hours trying to remove him from his mum's third storey flat.
The complicated operation required them to remove his bedroom window, strap him into a reinforced bed and then hoist him out with a giant crane.
More than 30 firemen were employed along with multiple structural engineers, who feared the ceiling may collapse.
Recalling the incident Jason said: “There was a risk I wouldn’t survive the lift. 
“There were issues with my oxygen levels but I told my rescuers to go ahead — or else I’d only end up dying inside my flat.”
Despite the burden on the taxpayer and emergency services, Jason described it as an “amazing” experience because it was the first time he’d felt fresh air in six years.
While in hospital, Jason managed to lose 10st after being placed on a strict three-meals-a-day diet and having excess fluid – caused by lymphedema – that built up in his leg treated with injections.
But after being discharged, Jason returned to his old unhealthy habits including scoffing four packets of crisps for breakfast and guzzling three litres of coke each day.
The self-confessed “boredom eater” refused to go outside despite being moved into a £400,000 custom-built bungalow, in Crondall, Hampshire, last year.
The property was designed with features to accommodate his size, including large doors to make it easier to take him to hospital and a £3,000 reinforced toilet.
Despite the assistance provided, Jason said he had “given up” and was unable to move apart from making 25 steps a day between the bathroom, kitchen and his bedroom. 
“If I try to walk there’s so much strain on my head, from carrying so much weight, it’s like I’ve been upside down on a rollercoaster — it’s dangerous,” he added.
Jason hoped to receive a gastric bypass and was told he was on the NHS waiting list.
In June, Jason was rushed to hospital again after his hefty 47st frame began to crush his vital organs.
He had awoken to worrying symptoms including being unable to talk, struggling to get out of bed and feeling very sleepy.
He said: “If I didn’t call 999, I’d be dead. I couldn’t breathe… It felt like something was blocked inside me and I was suffocating.”
Nurses told him his organs were “failing due to obesity” and he’s now been put on a new reduced-calorie diet, which includes restricting his water intake. 
Jason said: “I know I’m lucky to be alive but it doesn’t feel that way because of the restrictions I am now under.
“I keep saying, ‘Why can’t you give me my drink back instead of making life difficult for me?’… I told them I’ll call the police because I’m constantly dehydrated.
“It’s strange and it feels like they’re ­torturing me. They’ve come up with this theory that I’ve been drinking too much liquid.”
Despite his recent health scare, Jason says he is still buying takeaways and spends £16 a day on Deliveroo on M&S sandwiches. 
He claims the nurses at the care home allow fast food to be delivered to him, but confiscate any fluids and have 'banned' fruit as it has liquid in it.
Jason says he knew he would “get really ill eventually” but believed he had more time and branded his recent health decline "terrifying".
He added: “You expect to be in a care home like this when you’re in your 90s, not when you’re in your 30s… I can’t even get out of bed.
“I don’t feel good about the future, to be honest, and I don’t know whether I’ll ever get to see my home again.”
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