February 6, 2023

In recent years, teeth jewellery has become more of a celebrity status symbol all over the world. Depending on individual preferences, there are generally two types of gold teeth—permanent gold teeth and grillz (both removable and permanent).
Grillz are made of several types of metal that are often silver, gold or platinum; they are sometimes inlaid with precious stones; even though they are generally removable, some may be permanently attached to the teeth. Gold grillz can be made from 10-karat up to 24-karat gold.
The gold can be tinted yellow, white and rose colour. Grillz can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the materials used and the number of teeth covered.
Health hazards
According to the American Dental Association (ADA) in June 2006, no studies have shown whether the long-term wearing of grillz is safe. If the grillz fit properly and are worn only intermittently, then wearers are at a low risk for dental problems, according to the ADA. Although the ADA has warned that grills made from base metals could cause irritation or allergic reactions, and that bacteria trapped under a grill worn on a long-term basis could result in gum disease, cavities or even bone loss.

Cleaning Your Gold Tooth
Although having your custom-made grillz is the greatest satisfaction, maintaining them in the best condition can be just as essential. Not being able to clean your set of grillz may lead to serious health issues such as food and other waste that may be trapped between the teeth and the grillz which allows bacteria to collect. Since it is a huge investment, it is quite important that you keep them clean and shining.
Apart from keeping them clean and shining, maintaining your gold teeth will keep them in great condition and will also extend the lifespan of the accessory; ensuring that the gold teeth don’t become tarnished or look unhygienic. Keeping that shine on your teeth can only happen when you can clean your gold teeth regularly.
Also, bacteria and acids can eventually cause tooth decay, so by cleaning your gold tooth, you’ll be able to prevent decay over time.
What You’ll Need to Clean Your Gold Teeth
To prepare for cleaning, you will need the following:
Your gold teeth or grillz
A cup or glass
Warm water
Hydrogen Peroxide
A toothbrush with soft bristles
For permanent gold teeth
Permanent gold teeth are simpler to clean compared to grillz because the compounds in whitening agents don’t change the colour of the gold teeth like natural teeth.
1. Brush it like a natural tooth twice a day. Bacteria from food can cause a buildup between your teeth, so it is still essential to treat your permanent gold teeth just like natural teeth. You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
2. Floss Regularly. In addition to brushing your teeth, make sure to floss around your gold tooth just like the rest of your natural teeth. Flossing can keep your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease; like your natural teeth, floss at least once a day.
3. It is advisable to quit smoking if you have gold teeth, as smoking tarnishes them and makes them lose their shine. Although, if quitting smoking is not an option, get a higher quality gold for your teeth.
4. Use a non- abrasive cleaner. Removable gold teeth need to be cleaned daily with a non-abrasive cleaner, then rinsed with warm water before patting it dry. Non-toxic cleaners are very important to consider, especially it involves a piece of jewellery that you place in your mouth regularly.
5. Contact your dentist for you to know what cleansers to use specifically for gold teeth.
6. Polish your tooth with a soft cloth. Make sure to pat your gold teeth dry after cleaning them. After you do that, polish your gold teeth with a soft cloth before putting them back in your mouth.
For Grillz
Gold grillz are also easy to clean, but they need to be handled with care. Limiting how long you wear the grillz and removing them while eating will help your teeth and grillz clean and healthy as this will keep bacteria and food from accumulating beneath the grill.
1. Clean and brush with toothpaste. Remove and clean your removable grillz daily by brushing it with toothpaste. This way, it cleans and removes any bacteria that can accumulate in the grillz. Not being able to clean them regularly may lead to dental health conditions such as gum disease and tooth cavities, which can cause more serious health issues that can be avoided by maintaining your grillz.
2. After brushing it, rinse your removable grillz with warm water. In between uses, you can sanitise your grillz by placing it with antiseptic mouthwash.
3. Another way to clean your gold grillz is by washing with soap and water (mild dishwashing liquid). To do this, remove the grill and soak in a bowl of warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid for an hour or two. Let it air dry.
4. It is advisable to contact your dentist in order to know the best way to maintain your gold teeth as well as your natural teeth.
Gold grillz or gold teeth are luxury jewellery and so they need to be treated properly to keep those gold teeth shining every day!

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