June 8, 2023

The Hyde Park Day School, 6254 S. Ellis Ave.

The Hyde Park Day School, 6254 S. Ellis Ave.
The Hyde Park Day School, for elementary students with learning disabilities like dyslexia or language impairments but without intellectual disabilities, has launched the Joanne Steinback Educator Training Institute for educators and other professionals.
The institute, headed by a trainer, Tara Montgomery, will offer professional education in Wilson learning methods (for students with word-level deficits, mild to moderate gaps in decoding and spelling proficiency, and a reading, spelling and handwriting program), general dyslexia, multisensory math and assistive technology.
School Executive Director Dr. Casey Crnich said the program is self-funded to the tune of $100,000. He suspects that between 100 and 120 people will go through training, which will take place in person and over Zoom. Montgomery will then supervise teaching
“Kind of the whole purpose of this is to take the practices and the things that we’ve learned at our school and raise the body of knowledge at other schools, so we’re training staff at other private, public and independent schools,” he said. “We work with a pretty small number of kids, really, and have pre-transformational outcomes, and our goal is to push out some of that into traditional classrooms by working with teachers and schools.”
Around a fifth of all students suffer from some kind of reading issue, with 5% to 8% having some kind of learning disability. If intervention can be given early, Crnich said, students and can learn to read, they have a much lower chance of developing a full-on learning disability.
More information is available by contacting Montgomery at professionallearning@hydeparkday.org. Trainings will cost $3,000, with some schools able to use Title I funds or federal grants for teacher development.
“The goal is that it’s a standalone program from the school and that it will underwrite additional growth and additional trainings in the future,” Crnich said. “We’ll also be doing school-based trainings for assistive technology, general dyslexia awareness and those types of things. Our goal is, for someone who has questions about how to deal with dyslexic students, to be able to provide that training so that they could do that well and maybe avoid sending kids to us.”
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