March 26, 2023

by Taylor Lane
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If you haven’t made a trip to Target recently, get in your car and go now! The store is packed in anticipation for the upcoming fall season, and it’s full of new arrivals from brands you already know and love. And if you love Welly products (like these cute wellness kits), you’re not going to want to miss their latest drop that includes over-the-counter medicines and supplements that treat fever, pain, colds, and more.

Welly’s new medicine line has 13 new products on shelves, ranging from cold and cough care to sleep softgels. Each product has its own benefits for treating common alignments that are sure to pop up with the changing seasons. And even though each of Welly’s products is formulated without harmful ingredients like synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, talc, and parabens, each one still effectively offers relief.
Now more than ever, we need a chill pill. If you want a supplement that provides relief from stress, give this one a chance. Welly says that each capsule has “ingredients that support a non-drowsy calm — it helps you manage occasional stress, and supports mindfulness.”
We’re now entering into cold and flu season once again. Prepare in advance this year with Welly’s latest launch. These new softgels treat chest coughs, fever, and relieve sinus pressure and nasal congestion.
Coughs take a lot out of you, especially when they’re persistent. If you find yourself coming down with one, make sure you have these cough controllers on hand. Each soft gel helps to calm fevers and suppress coughs. Plus, the medicine is free from artificial flavors, dyes, parabens, and talc.
Welly’s stool softener helps soothe upset and backed-up tummies. The brand says the “Constipation Clearer provides extra strength relief for constipation and irregularity that’s both stimulant-free and gradual (typically within 12 to 72 hours).” It’s also suitable for children from the ages of 12 on.
These Ibuprofen Pain and Fever Reliever Softgels are great for treating aches and pains without any side effects. Each bottle has 50 capsules that reduce toothaches, muscle pains, menstrual cramps, and other common alignments.
Struggle with allergies during any season? If “yes,” try Welly’s Allergy Symptom Reliever. It helps with runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing, itching, and more. 
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