February 3, 2023

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The Care Asia 2022 event will encourage visitors to embrace the various dimensions of self-care, as well as explore healthcare and wellness innovations, the organisers said.
"The global wellness market is predicted to reach US$1.5 trillion in value and grow at 5-10 per cent annually. Preventative healthcare has become one of the most talked about trends nowadays,” said Dr Udom Kachintorn, clinical professor emeritus and chairman of the Committee on Higher Education.
Dr Udom added that the most significant disruptions to healthcare were: shifting care emphasis from "diagnose and treat" to "prevent and manage”, and shifting care away from the hospital closer to home.
He added that the future trend of smart healthcare is decentralised with four levels: Predictive identifies genetic risks for many diseases; preventive offers the tools to recognise the earliest signs of disease; participatory informs about their health and better preparedness to arrange their own healthcare; personalised is focused on how to optimise wellness by predicting disease.
McKinsey & Co recently conducted research that discovered six wellness dimensions that consumers are most interested in today: better health, better fitness, better nutrition, better appearance, better sleep, and better mindfulness.Dr Udom Kachintorn, Clinical Professor Emeritus and Chairman of the Committee on Higher Education. Dr Bhana Chandrakamol, CEO of Bangpakok Hospital group, said: “The self-care trend presents a golden opportunity for healthcare and preventive healthcare providers, especially those who can identify needs of customers and develop goods and services to meet those demands and help people in healing their minds, especially amidst the crisis.”Dr Bhana Chandrakamol, CEO of Bangpakok Hospital group He stated that Bangpakok Hospital Group was committed to developing innovations and modern healthcare models to fulfil the needs of today’s customers. The group offers specialised medical centres covering the full range of healthcare services to ensure the most effective treatment for people all ages.
Dr Paksaran Isarasak na Ayudya, managing director of Best Organizer Co Ltd, one of the organisers of Care Asia 2022, said that the trade show features products and services that are in line with self-care trends and meet the needs of young people who are more health-conscious than ever before.Trade show in Bangkok to unveil new innovations in healthcare and wellness Among the highlights of Care Asia 2022 would be massage tables from Table Masters, pocket spring mattress from Sleepen, far infared sauna from SG Deluxe, probiotics supplements from Everluck, vascular and bone density test clinics from JNK Wellness Centre.
Bangkok 9 International Hospital will provide free Covid-19 vaccination (Moderna CoVID-19) to 200 people each day, including people in the high risk group, at the event hall. For more information: www.facebook.com/CAREASIA2022


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