June 9, 2023

Though everyone has likely experienced some bad breath at one point or another, Colgate reports that one in four people deal with halitosis on a consistent basis. But it may take more than a piece of gum to get rid of this problem. 
According to Hopkins Medicine, getting rid of this stinky issue begins with identifying the cause of one’s bad breath. 
The reasons can be plentiful and vary from individual to individual, with lifestyle and habits playing a big role. 
“Bacteria can be a big problem that contributes to so many different infections. If left uncared for, it can habitate the mouth, release toxins, and reproduce, making the problem much more severe over time,” says first-year health sciences student Jai Ramroop.
Chronic dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, can also contribute greatly to the unwanted oral odor. When the mouth is constantly dry for long periods of time, the saliva cannot move through the oral cavity to break down leftover food debris.
The reason behind dry mouth will depend on the individual, but most commonly can result from mouth breathing, a salivary gland disorder, or as a medical side effect.
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