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If you would like to lose weight without working out, you should try the best weight loss drops.
Just imagine the opportunity to lose up to 2 pounds on average just by going on a well-planned, low-calorie diet and taking your weight loss drops. 
It sounds unbelievable until you get down to it and see for yourself. In fact, the biggest percentages of people who use these weight loss supplement drops lose between one and two pounds a day. 
Due to advancements in medical and nutritional technology, today, you do not have to go through the punishment of using fad diets and addictive supplements that do more harm than good. You can use these special drops for weight loss.
You will not take these drops alone. They are accompanied by a strict diet protocol that you must take for the recommended time, to help you lose weight and keep it lost for a long time.
These drops are not miracle workers. You still have a role to play. Also, you have to be patient to achieve your goals.
Some people lose the weight they want in as little as 21 days. Some people take longer than that, choosing to use these drops and the diet plan for up to 44 days.
The good thing is that as soon as the body starts burning fat, it never stops. The metabolic rate will be at an all time high. That way, there are fewer chances of the body storing more fat than necessary.
For you to enjoy the immense benefits that the drops bring, you have to follow the instructions of the diet plan to the letter. 
The market is flooded with weight loss drops and everyone claims to be the best. After reading this section, you will know what are truly the best drops for your weight loss needs.
Nutravit Labs brings you the best weight loss drops that you will ever find in the market. With these drops, you can lose weight without exerting yourself to exercises such as weight lifting, or any other (Source: CleveScene).
This supplement is packaged in a 60ML bottle, with carefully selected natural ingredients. Formulated in high quality FDA and GMP-approved labs, this is a potent supplement for kick-starting the fat burning process.
If you take these drops as advised, you can lose up to 14 pounds in a week. If you do not make the 2 pound a day cut, you might still be able to lose 1 pound.
On their website, they guarantee that you will see results in a week of using these drops with your VLCD of your choice.
The secret in using these drops is to follow a strict calorie diet plan. It is going to restrict your caloric intake to 500, 800 or 1200 calories a day.
You are going to create a serious calorie deficit. This prompts the body to attack the fat reserves to continue generating energy to power your daily activities.
Normally, an adult man requires 2500 while a woman needs 2000 calories daily. But hardly do we ever count the calories we consume from breakfast to the last meal of the day.
If you consume more than the recommended number of calories, you have to work out to burn them. If you do not, the body converts them to fat.
This is where the low calorie diet and the Nutravit diet drops come in. They will put your body on a crazy fat burning process, by restricting the number of calories you consume.
500 or 800 calories is indeed very low! You might be apprehensive about missing important nutrients that you usually get from food.
Your worries are misplaced!
Nutravit diet drops will provide the missing nutrients. Take 10 to 15 drops of this supplement to help keep the hunger pangs away and to prevent nutritional deficiency.
The power of this supplement is in the ingredients that have been used to make it. They are derived from natural sources and each has a few or several benefits for your physical and mental health. The compounding benefit is that they all fight fat.
Chromium Picolinate is going to help you beat your addiction for sugars. It will also enhance the rate at which the body breaks down fat.
Inactive ingredients include potassium sorbate, citric acid, purified water and glycerin.
The Nutravit diet drops work hand in hand with the accompanying diet protocol, which is divided into phases. In the first two days of the first phase, you must start taking the diet drops (0.5ML or 10 drops) by placing them under the tongue three times a day, then binge-eat on the recommended foods.
On the third day, you enter the very low calorie diet phase, for 21 days, not exceeding 500 or 800 calories a day depending on what you choose.
You must also measure your weight daily to keep close tabs on it. Apart from the diet protocol, the drops work by increasing energy levels, curbing the urge to eat and raising the metabolic rate. The body burns fat faster.
Buy these drops from the Nutravit official website. A bottle costs $59. When you buy two bottles at $118, you get one free. If you buy three bottles at $177, you get two free making it a total of five.
Diet Drops
The list of the best weight loss drops cannot be complete if the Official HCG Diet drops are not included. On the official website, you will find these drops available in different packages.
There is the package that includes one bottle and one diet program and runs for 15 days. There is also the 21-day, 45-day and couples diet packages. You can choose the one that fits your needs best.
These diet drops are formulated from natural plant nutrients and minerals to help reset the body’s metabolism, get it to burn fat and help you to solve your chronic weight issues. Like the Nutravit Diet Therapy, even this one is a VLCD – very low calorie diet.
You are supposed to take the weight loss drops and follow the eating plan that the product comes with. You do not have to buy the diet program separately because it comes with the diet drops.
With the restriction of your caloric intake to 500 or 800 calories, you will create a caloric deficit in your body. Thus, to fill up the rest of the calories needed for you to be able to perform your daily activities, the body will break down fat cells for energy.
Besides the diet plan, just how do the best drops for weight loss work? When you go on a VLCD, you can easily miss the right quantity of the nutrients that you should give your body daily.
The drops come in to fill that void since some of the nutrients are very vital for your body’s health. Therefore, you can do the longest stip of this diet plan without worrying of having a compromised immune system.
This product is a blend of HCG, vitamins and HCG. There is a good quantity of the Vitamin B12, which helps the body to lose water weight.
There is also the Magnesium and Phosphate minerals that play a distinct role in helping the body lose weight. It also contains Nat.Phos, which helps in preventing acidity, dizziness and a dull feeling, especially when you are on a low calorie diet.
As you can see, the Official HCG diet drops fade in comparison to the Nutravit diet drops. The latter are packed with more ingredients from natural sources and with more health benefits for the body.  
Depending on your weight loss goals, you can choose the diet plan that suits your needs well. If you are a couple and you desire to lose weight, you can go for the couple’s plan. If you just need to reset your metabolism, fit into a small dress in a couple of weeks, the 15-day plan is fine.
Use the weight loss drops with Dr. Simeons’ diet plan. Place 10 drops of the liquid supplement under your tongue and let it sit for about 30 seconds to ensure maximum absorption. You can swallow the rest.
Usually, the low calorie diet will require you to binge-eat certain foods in the first two days while taking the drops. You shall then enter the low calorie phase where you continue taking the drops.
This diet plan gets you started on clean eating and even after losing weight, you can continue eating cleanly. It also changes your eating habits.
Once you are done with the diet plan, you will never eat to feel full. Rather, you will have the control to stop when you start feeling satisfied.
Order the 15-day, 21-day, 45-day or couple’s diet plan and weight loss drops from the official website. If you buy from other sources, you might not qualify for discounts or money back guarantee that the provider offers.
One, 1 Oz bottle of this supplement is $59. It also comes with a diet program guide and it is supposed to last 15 days.
For $79, you can order the 2-Oz, 21-day bottle and diet program guide. The 45-day diet guide and 4-Oz bottle of the supplement costs $99 while the Couples HCG Diet drops (two 4-Oz bottles) and program guide cost $129.
Complex Diet Drops
Despite the name of this liquid dietary supplement, there is nothing complex about it. Rather, it is effective but it must be taken with the appropriate diet plan while following all the instructions.
This product comes from BioSource Labs, and this is a big brand name for different types of health and nutritional supplements. Besides, on the label of this liquid supplement, they disclose all the ingredients used to make it.
You must use these drops with an appropriate diet plan that is going to restric your daily caloric intake to 500 or 800 calories only.
The drops come in a 60ML bottle, which gives you 120 servings of 0.5ML or 10 drops a day. Take your weight daily to stay on top of your progress.
Besides, the diet protocol will come with complete instructions, the foods to eat, foods to avoid and beverages that you can take.
The ingredients of this liquid supplement for weight loss can be classified into a few main categories. Here, we shall look at the main ones. Otherwise, they are so many, as you will find out on the box.
These include L-Glutamine, which improves insulin sensitivity and enhances the rate of glucose breakdown so that less is converted into fat and taken to storage. L-Carnitine increases the rate of fatty acids transfer to the cells so that they can be broken down for energy.
L-arginine helps to enhance the rate at which the body produces nitric acid, which relaxes the tissue of the blood vessels for easier blood circulation.
L-Ornithine increases the cellular metabolism of fat and it prevents premature fatigue when you are working out. Lastly, we can also include GABA under this category. It is important for preventing post workout muscle soreness.
These come in their fair share too. They include Korean Ginseng that together with L-Ornithine amino acid, is going to prevent the onset of premature fatigue so that you can stay active longer. Maca root extract is going to boost the immune power so that you do not become vulnerable to opportunistic illnesses during the low calories phase.
As you’ve seen from the ingredients, this supplement approaches weight loss from different angles. First, it enhances the rate of metabolism, so that the body can break down food and convert it into energy and heat rather than convert it into fat and store it in several areas.
It prevents the formation of fat deposits in your body. Secondly, the product also boosts the immune system to keep you safe from opportunistic illnesses when you are under the strict diet regimen. Thirdly, the Complex Diet drops are going to improve your general physical and mental wellness.
The root cause of fat buildup in the body is a slow metabolism. That’s why the Complex Diet Drops kick-start the metabolic rate. Because of the low calorie diet you will be taking for 21 days, the body raids its fat deposits for energy.
After choosing the low calorie diet of your choice, take 10 drops of this supplement at least 15 minutes before breakfast. Place the liquid under the tongue for faster absorption.
We recommend that you always buy your diet drops and indeed other supplements on the official website only. That way, you can access all the information you need about ingredients, usage and how it works. You can also get discounts if the company is running any.
One bottle of Complex Diet Drops will cost you $34.95. It has 120 servings. You can order it on the official website.
Omni Drops
The good thing with finding a product company that has been rated by the BBB – Better Business Bureau is that it inspires confidence.
You can take it knowing other people have used it before you. While this is not a pre-qualification for authenticity, it does help.
It doesn’t mean it’s better than other drops such as Nutravit Labs Drops, which is the most robust weight loss supplement in the market.
This is a liquid weight loss supplement that is going to help you lose weight by resetting your metabolism. To reset means to raise the rate of the food burning process to as high as possible. That way,. Your body produces more energy and it does not stock up on fat.
This product comes from a company called Omnitrition. It is based in America and since 1989; it has been bringing some of the best nutritional products to consumers of all ages. Under their brand name, they have the weight loss products and this is where the Omni Diet Drops fall.
The Omni Promise – If you pair these drops with the recommended diet plan and take it as advised, you are going to lose up to 12 pounds per week. In some cases, some users have reported losing up to 14 pounds in 7 days, but a big majority of the users report losing between 9 and 12 pounds.
It is recommended that you take these drops with the Omni Diet by Tana Amen, a registered nurse. The foods in this diet are organic; herb-sourced at least 70 percent while the rest 30 percent is from lean proteins.
This seems like a great product to get for your weight loss. And it is, but there’s a catch. It is too costly, yet it delivers the same results as Nutravit Diet Drops, which cost about half what this one costs.
Some sources say that the Omni Diet Drops contain the HCG hormone, but these are homeopathic drops so they are perfectly safe. There are other ingredients as well such as Vitamin B12, which boosts energy levels in the body and in return, this boosts the metabolic rate so that the body can raid its fat stocks and burn them.
Other big ingredients include magnesium and phosphate. Magnesium helps the body to get rid of water weight. Phosphate has been shown to help people lose weight, albeit minimally. Of course, it works hand-in-hand with the other ingredients to help lose weight.
The effectiveness of a weight loss supplement comes from how you use it. The Omni Drops come with a dropper and a program guide.
Every morning before breakfast, place 10 drops under your tongue using the dropper. You are going to take these drops three times a day. Avoid eating or drinking anything 15 minutes before or after taking the drops.
These weight loss drops are available on online marketplaces such as Amazon.com. You can also order it from Amazon. The price of one bottle is $90. It comes with the program guide for the low calorie diet to help you eat properly. You can choose some of the recommended foods that you like and rotate them through the week.
There are tens of benefits of using drops for weight loss. They have been around for sometime, so they are tested and proven to work. 
Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you take the supplement and the diet drops:
These drops stimulate the body to start burning stubborn fat from all parts of the body. You are going to lose weight uniformly. They nudge the body to start burning fat cells naturally.
When you gain weight, the weight is the symptom of something bigger, a slowed metabolic rate. Therefore, if you concentrate on burning the fat without addressing the root causes of the same, it is not going to help.
The drops also help the body to change the way it stores fat. If you take the drops as advised, you might be able to keep weight away for good.
You will lose up to two pounds a day without engaging in extreme workouts. You do not have to do any lifting, cardio or any other form of workouts.
If you engage in strenuous workouts, it might mean missing work or classes to heal sore muscles. When using drops, you can take the recommended quantity and stick with the low calorie diet and you will burn fat fast.
This supplement can compel the body to mimic the functions of the HCG hormone. Drops from Nutravit Labs contain ingredients that increase the function of the hypothalamus gland, which controls metabolism.
Please note that some of the HCG supplements that we will review here contain homeopathic HCG. However, our diet drops of choice – Nutravit, don’t!
When you embark on a weight loss diet, you are bound to experience low energy and strength levels. A VLCD – very low calorie diet can make you weak and nauseous.
However, when you take the diet and the best weight loss drops, this is not going to happen (It takes some getting used to though). They are blended with the right nutrients to supplement what you are not getting from the low calorie diet.
If you have chronic weight problems, using these supplements for weight loss can help you. Some of them such as the Nutravit Labs diet drops can be taken with all diets, they can be used by diabetic people as well as vegans.
If you need to lose a lot of pounds urgently, your doctor can prescribe a low calorie diet. However, this does not mean you need a prescription to use these drops.
The recommended diet plans allow a calorie intake of 500 or 800 calories in 24 hours. These diet plans, such as the Nutravit Labs come with a huge list of foods that you should eat, drinks you can take, healthy sweeteners and so on. They also come with a list of foods you should avoid altogether.
When you are experiencing weight issues, you experience low self-esteem, loss of confidence, stress and anxiety. However, when you start taking these drops, you experience a new you.
Because you are doing something about it, you feel incredible. You feel great! A positive attitude can give you more will to take the VLCD for as long as is necessary.
There are two main objectives of using the weight loss drops and the very low calorie diet. One of them is to lose weight and the other one is to keep the weight lost for a long time.
Not only do you get to burn off the excess calories, but you also embark on clean eating. This is what is going to help you keep the weight lost for a long time.
By the time you are done with the drops and the diet plan, you will never want to go back to eating junk. Your addiction to sugars and starches will be fully satisfied.
Choosing the best weight loss drops in the market basically comes down to these four. However, the Nutravit Labs weight loss drops stand out because of the price and the ingredients used to make them.
Some of these weight loss supplements contain the HCG hormone. It is best to avoid such because the FDA directly warns customers not to buy hormones over the counter.
Over the time that the Nutravit Labs drops have been in the market, they have helped so many people lose weight with a majority of them losing up to 14 pounds a week.
You can use Nutravit diet drops with almost any strict calorie diet. This can be Atkins, keto diet or even raw food diet. You can use the most favorable diet for starting with the 500, 800 or even the 1200-calorie one.
These diet drops are a risk-free purchase because they are covered by a money back guarantee of 90 days.
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