March 26, 2023

AN Irish fitness fan ate food from McDonald's every day for two weeks to "prove a point".
Oisin Mulligan, who posts on TikTok under the username @mulligainz_fitness, shared his journey as he tried to break the stigma around fast food and weight loss.
Oisin regulalry posts fitness and lifestyle content to his 30,000 strong TikTok following, offering an approachable and understandable insight into fat loss and body image, while also sharing his own fitness journey.
And he claims that if you can balance a healthy lifestyle with keeping an eye on your calorie intake, you can still enjoy the foods you love.
On day one of his challenge, he said: "I'm eating at McDonald's within a calorie deficit to show that it's possible to lose weight while eating so called bad foods.
"I'm doing this to remove the fear surrounding food as no food will inherently make you gain weight, even if that food is a Big Mac."
The Irishman ordered a Big Mac, and a diet coke.
He added: "I'm not advising someone to eat McDonald's every day, I'm doing this to prove a point."
By the end of the day, Oisin had a caloric intake of 2300 calories, well within the recommended amount, while also reaching his 10,000 step and water intake goals.
The TikToker started his challenge at a weight of 82.1kg, by day 14 he had managed to come down to 80kg.
And in that time, he had eaten some of their most popular treats, from Big Macs to Chicken Legends and even a McFlurry.
On day seven, he said: "It's funny really because eating the so called bad foods actually makes you normal.
"And the guilt you're feeling for having that food is causing more harm than the food itself.
"So the next time you feel bad for having some chips and a burger, look back and remember that I'm after doing it for a whole week.
"And it didn't do much to my weight other than bringing it down.
Fitness fans flooded the comments praising the lad for trying to break the stigma.
One commenter said: "It's all about balance, when I eat McDonald's and other over processed foods I feel terrible.
"But never eating it makes life miserable, having it every couple of days or weeks is a good way to feel normal."
Oisin agreed, saying: "Couldn't agree more, balance is key."
Another commenter added: "I love this message, got to remove food fear! Great video."
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