March 26, 2023

Aug. 29—The Lakeland Community College Dental Hygiene program is now scheduling appointments for members of the public, school officials recently announced.
Services take place in the clinic located on the ground floor of Lakeland's Health Technologies Building on the campus at 7700 Clocktower Drive in Kirtland and include an oral exam, periodontal examination, prophylaxis (cleaning), any necessary X-rays, fluoride treatment, and patient dental health education.
Students perform services, under the supervision of licensed dentists and dental hygiene faculty, as part of their requirements for graduation.
The clinic will be open for appointments starting Sept. 1, through the end of the fall semester, and will be open again during the spring 2023 semester.
As the clinic is a teaching facility, each appointment lasts about 3 to 4 hours, officials noted, and more than one appointment may be needed to complete treatment.
A brief 20- to 30-minute screening appointment is required before the first visit for patients new to the clinic.
Fees for services cover treatment materials — for patients ages 17 and younger and senior citizens 60-plus, the cost is $20; for ages 18 to 59, the cost is $25; the cost for current Lakeland students is $20.
Debit/credit card payments are accepted or patients have the option to pay online.
To make an appointment, visit or call 440-525-07220.
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