April 1, 2023

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The Federal On-the-Job Training Program has been established in accordance with U.S. DOT regulations 23 CFR Part 230, Subpart A, Equal Employment Opportunity on Federal and Federal-aid Construction Contracts. The Federal OJT program targets women, minorities, and disadvantaged individuals for entry into journey-level positions to ensure that a competent workforce is available to meet highway construction hiring needs, and to address the historical under-representation of members of these groups in highway construction skilled crafts.
Training goals are assigned by TxDOT through the administration of two types of OJT programs:
Contractor-based goals are calendar year goals based on the previous year’s construction letting. It offers contractors flexibility in selecting projects on which trainees can be placed, as long as training begins on a federally funded project.
Project-specific goals are assigned to major projects such as Design Build and Comprehensive Development Agreements. Goals are specified in the training special provision included in the contract. All training must be completed on the project.
If you would like more information, please contact a Civil Rights Division program specialist.


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