February 1, 2023

Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting: Balanced weight means healthy body, yeh baat toh sab talayn hain but even after lakhs of efforts, if your weight remains as it is, you need to pay attention to your diet along with exercise and gym. Experts believe that if a person only controls his diet, he can easily lose several kilos. If you are also on your weight loss journey, you can control your weight by including these 5 things in your diet.
The presence of fiber in amla is helpful in relieving constipation and digestion by facilitating bowel movements. Amla helps in increasing metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the faster the weight.
Papaya is high in fiber, which helps in reducing hunger and making the stomach feel full. It’s not just the water in the papaya, it’s also low in calories, which can help you lose weight.
If you eat egg then definitely include it in morning breakfast. Egg is the best source of protein. You are not bothered by hunger for a long time after eating it. It also gives strength to your body.
Eating salad with lunch keeps the calorie intake in check. According to researchers, you feel less hungry by eating salad. Apart from this, it contains vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and lycopene. The presence of all these prevents accumulation of fat on the body.
Moong Ki Dal-
Moong ki dal is light and digestible and rich in protein. People who want to lose weight should definitely include it in their diet. You can include moong ki dal ki khichdi in your diet. Apart from this, whole moong sprouts can also be eaten in breakfast. One cup of sprouted moong dal contains approximately 26 calories.
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