June 8, 2023

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April Patterson, DDS, also known as world-class expert dentist “Dr. Patty,” is looking to completely transform the way you go about receiving cosmetic dental and cosmetic surgery services.
She first did it when she opened her dental spa in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa. There, her clients could not only be treated for gum disease and have dental implant surgery, but they could also be treated by aestheticians and have Botox, eyelash extensions and facials among other things. All of the services are brought to you in a space that is relaxing and luxurious to keep patients from being filled with anxiety when they come.
She’s now taken things up a notch, opening up another location in Miami’s newer, bustling Design District, which has become a hot spot for everything from buying Louis Vuitton and Italian furniture, to consuming fine dining and viewing cutting edge art. Nestled among those experiences is Dr. Patty Miami, a spot meant to be unique and offer a little bit of everything, just like its surroundings.
The newest space offers dentistry services of all kinds, but also can supply cosmetic medical services, including breast augmentation, liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts and more. Like in Fort Lauderdale, services are offered in a spa-like space meant to be welcoming in comparison to the traditional sterile dentist and doctor’s office. However, this facility is equipped with a cafe and bar, an open-air rooftop and a steam room to really help you feel welcomed and your best.
We spoke with Dr. Patty about how she’s turned the typical medical facility into a high-end luxury service space, the motivation behind being as “all inclusive” as possible, and how the next Dr. Patty location could be coming to a city near you soon.
ESSENCE: After opening a different dental experience in Ft. Lauderdale, what inspired you to come down to Miami, especially the burgeoning Design District filled with high-end shops, restaurants and art, to create this space? 
Dr. Patty: Miami is a special city for me. Aside from meeting my fiancé and raising our two daughters here, Miami is a cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial and global metropolis known for bringing together a wide array of cultures, lifestyles and opportunities. The city welcomes change, it thrives off “newness,” and I would even go as far as saying it craves diversity. I knew a business like mine that was blending the best of two worlds (dental and cosmetic procedures) to service a broader clientele would thrive here as a result of Miami’s adaptability and acceptance to such intriguing concepts and businesses. 
And what motivated you to expand from just dental services to covering cosmetic medical procedures like the BBL, rhinoplasty and more? 
As adaptable and inviting as Miami is, I wanted my business to reflect just that. I wanted to expand my business from just cosmetic and traditional dentistry to including cosmetic surgical procedures because I found myself referring so many of my clients to other doctors and specialists to have these procedures done. Instead of having to refer my clients to yet another doctor, I decided to make my business as “all-inclusive” as possible. 
What is the team you’ve assembled to help make this happen where you can help people “from tooth to toe”? 
Helping people from “tooth to toe” is something that I have always wished for. With such big dreams, I needed to assemble my dream team. My executive assistant has a cosmetic medical background and my management team has medical backgrounds. I am also hiring everything from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, prosthodontists, PA’s and medical assistants, to oral surgeons, dental assistants and more to complete my practice.  
What has the reception been? Have people been beating down your door to get these services in Miami? 
My reputation as a cosmetic dentist has preceded me and has allowed excitement and anticipation to build up from the moment I announced the news to my existing clients that I was expanding to Miami to offer new services. There is already a waitlist for people wanting to get cosmetic surgery with us, especially breast augmentation and tummy tucks as well as from people who simply want “mommy makeovers.” Because the trust is already there from my previous and current clients, people are more welcoming than ever about this new concept I am launching. 
Why is it important to provide all of this in a different space? You made your dental office a spa atmosphere and now this Dr. Patty Miami location offers, in addition to services, a cafe and bar, a restorative steam hammam and more. 
Too often, people find visiting the dentist and doctors to be a dreadful experience and I wanted to change that stigma. Though we are a cosmetic dental and cosmetic surgery center, a person’s well-being goes beyond physical appearance, so it was important to me to take a holistic approach to wellness by creating a safe and welcoming environment where clients’ mental, emotional and physical health needs were met. Our facility is a high-end oasis where clients can feel like royalty, enjoy a full day of self-care, and walk out feeling happy inside and out.
Where do you hope to take Dr. Patty next?  
Right now I am excited for this new chapter of Dr. Patty Miami but I am equally dedicated and committed to the success of my practice in Fort Lauderdale, which is the reason I am where I am today. In the near future, I’m looking to grow my real estate portfolio by expanding Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa in Fort Lauderdale to mirror my Miami practice, and within the next five to 10 years I hope to open more locations nationwide.
Check out photos of Dr. Patty Miami’s luxurious facility below!
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