June 9, 2023

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Joanne Platanos is a group fitness instructor at Privé-Swiss Fitness.
Joanne Platanos
Spin shoes — check! Head phones — check! Mini loop band — check! Hiking shoes — check! These are the first items that come to mind as a fitness professional when preparing to travel.
Hopefully health and fitness is a habit as paramount as nutrition hydration and sleep, so that working out, or movement in some form, on vacation has become second nature.
There are so many options depending on your destination to explore including biking, hiking, walking in national parks or on the beach, swimming in the pool or ocean, kayaking or paddle-boarding to name a few. These activities might be outside of your “normal” fitness routine at home but provide a refreshing way to move your body and explore your destination.
Hotel gyms or local studios also provide many options including yoga, barre and spin bikes.
In addition to above, virtual workouts including Privé-Swiss Fitness, offers on-demand platforms with a variety of classes to choose from.
Your fitness time should be a fun addition to your vacation, 20 to 30 minutes a day and it does not even need to feel like workout. Missed a day? Give yourself a break as recovery days are necessary to come back stronger.
Keeping consistent and prioritizing your workouts sets you up for continued success mentally and physically.
I have found the benefits are increased energy throughout the entire day, aids in digestion, enables good sleep, and feels great to stay on track. If you are with family or friends, you can buddy up. Your workouts are a continued journey – even as you journey.
If your vacation takes you skiing or enjoying another winter sport, stretching and yoga before and after can aid in speedy recovery and reduce the likelihood of injury.
Stretching and walking after you have reached your destination can feel fantastic after sitting for a long duration.
No matter where your travel plans take you, check out what there is to offer and fuse workouts with your vacation.
Bon voyage and to good health.
Joanne Platanos is a Group Fitness Instructor at Privé-Swiss Fitness, an award-winning, boutique fitness studio, located at 1587 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, 757 Boston Post Road, Madison and 57 Main St., Ivoryton; phone: 860-391-8735; website: www.priveswissfitness.com.


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