June 2, 2023

Chinese architects and decorators have used feng shui to bring happiness, health, and prosperity to homes, temples, and places of business since the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BCE), according to Brittanica. Western culture has embraced this ancient art, valued not only for its elegant beauty, symmetry, and use of color but for its ability to attract positive changes through the mindful arrangement of one’s environment (per National Geographic). So, can feng shui help you lose weight?
Rooted in the Taoist philosophy of chi, or life force, feng shui means “the way of wind and water.” Its primary focus is to keep chi (energy) flowing by balancing feminine yin and masculine yang energies. The Bagua is the central tool in feng shui, providing a map upon which to build a harmonious environment according to one’s desired results (via QC Design School). The Bagua contains eight quadrants arranged around the sides of an octagon, with one in the middle, for a total of nine quadrants. 
Each quadrant is associated with yin or yang, along with an element, a body part, a color, and an aspect of nature. Ms. Feng Shui advises all quadrants should be evenly balanced. Heavily emphasizing one or more areas over the others can lead to an imbalance that may attract unwanted effects or blockages.
Proponents believe that used properly, feng shui can help you attract any change desired. The Bagua’s central position focuses on health, but how can feng shui help you lose weight?

The International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) advises eating from square plates to control food cravings. Since circles represent curiosity and squares stand for contentment, square dinnerware could help you feel satisfied sooner. Happy House Feng Shui says the color of your plates matters too. Red, orange, and yellow colors stimulate appetite, which explains why most fast food places blare them in branding. Blue and black, however, may help you eat less. Feng shui expert Ken Lauher recommends serving meals on blue plates atop a black tablecloth to help you feel fuller faster.
The location of your entrance door can help curb cravings, too (per Happy House Feng Shui). If the first thing you see is a kitchen, chances are good you’ll head straight for it.
Enter from a door that doesn’t open into the kitchen. If you can’t avoid it, place a distracting object, like a large plant in a colorful container or eye-catching artwork on an opposite wall in your line of sight to draw your gaze away from the kitchen.
Finally, IFSG suggests clearing clutter to lose weight with feng shui. Holding on to old stuff tells your body and mind you’re not ready for a change. Make space in the eastern quadrant of your home — the Bagua’s area of health and longevity. Remove any heavy or dense objects from this section and add objects and images that reflect your weight loss goals.


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