January 27, 2023

Getting into better physical condition is on the minds of a lot of folks, me included. The last couple of years have also been a tough time for many families’ finances, so that might be your “get in shape” focus area.
Here are six ideas that can work, whether you’re hitting the pavement in your personal battle of the bulge or looking to strengthen your financial health.
So go ahead and get two for one — train your body and your finances for better health all around.
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The Interest Rate Reduction Loan is an easy way to lower you mortgage payments.
What tax benefits does your state offer to Military members and retirees? Find out which benefits are available to you.
Here are answers to some common questions about VA refinance loans, as well as short sales.
Give this workout setup a try if you are finding endless reps of calisthenics are not working for you.


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