May 28, 2023

There are many exercises to help lose belly fat, and almost all of them can be done at home. If you’ve decided to begin your weight loss journey, you shouldn’t wait till the day you join the gym. It’s best to begin the journey with at-home exercises.
There are benefits to that as well. First, you will be preparing your body for your upcoming fitness journey. Second, your muscles will get used to the movements before you begin resistance training using weights.
Here are five most effective exercises that can be done at home to lose belly fat. You don’t need any equipment or machine to do them.
Additionally, you can do these exercises wherever you want, to and add them into your schedule as per your convenience.
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Let’s get started:
One of the first exercises recommend for home workouts are burpees. They’re extremely effective for burning calories and have two versions – beginner and advanced.
In the beginner version, you can skip the push-up, but the advanced movement requires you to include it. Burpees are a great full body exercise that help with muscle toning as well.
Here’s the guide for doing burpees.
Mountain climbers are another effective exercise to lose belly fat. They primarily help burn calories and tone the core muscles.
Usually, it’s better to warm up your core using bodyweight exercises, such as crunches or planksm before moving to mountain climbers.
When you do this exercise, make sure your hips do not sag, and you bring your knees up to your chest while keeping the core muscles engaged.
To do a mountain climber, move to a shoulder plank position. Bring your left knee to your chest, and while moving it back, bring your right knee to your chest to complete one rep.
Jump ropes are great for losing weight, especially if you’re keen on continuing it for a long time.
Ideally, you can start by using the rope for skips before moving to jumps. It’s important to understand that timing is key with jump ropes. If you move the rope too fast and doesn’t coordinate with your jump, you will put yourself at risk of injury.
Here are some jump rope exercises you can try.
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Another full body exercise to lose belly fat is the jumping jack.
To do this exercise, move your hands overhead at the same time that you jump and move your legs outwards. It’s best to do jumping jacks in several sets with a high number of reps to burn a high number of calories.
If you’re not willing to dive into proper exercise, you can start with yoga. It enables you to work on your muscles, flexibility, and mobility.
Additionally, yoga is helpful for burning calories and allowing you to stretch and activate the muscles.
It’s not enough to just do exercises to lose belly fat for losing weight. A key element in the weight loss process is diet. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.
You can work out with all your efforts, but you won’t lose weight if you’re not in a calorie deficit. Finally, hydration and rest play a key role in the process as well.

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