March 26, 2023

Plum said telehealth consultations are being increasingly used by young millennial employees and majority of the bookings by its customers were done by those in 21-40 age group
The future of comprehensive benefits programme for employees lies in providing holistic healthcare, according to health insurance platform Plum.
The company said telehealth consultations are being increasingly used by young millennial employees. Among Plum’s customers, the majority of the bookings were done by employees between 21-40 years of age, over the last one year. Top three specialties consulted were general medicine, dermatology and mental wellness. Besides, consultations were also availed for treatments related to obstetrics & gynecology, dietitian, internal medicine, orthopedics and veterinary among others. Tech savvy millennials are finding tele-consultations convenient and effective in addressing their critical medical requirements.
As per the Economic Survey released in 2021, India has one-of-the highest level of out-of-pocket expenditures for healthcare contributing directly to the high incidence of catastrophic expenditures and poverty.
The company, as part of its holistic healthcare package, provide services like telehealth consultations, wellness initiatives and access to mental health support bundled with group health insurance.
“Popularity of online doctor consultations, which had gained tremendous traction during the pandemic years, has sustained over the last one year. This clearly showcases the growing preference for such treatments among the workforce. Healthcare inflation is a reality and it is no longer limited to hospitalization expenses. Therefore offering an all-inclusive preventive and curative healthcare facility for employees has become a social responsibility for all the corporates who care for their employees. At Plum, we always advise our clients to provide holistic healthcare for all the employees and take a stance in ensuring their complete well-being,” said Abhishek Poddar, co-founder and CEO, Plum.
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