March 23, 2023

Elon Musk is involved in at least four companies: Tesla  (TSLA) , the manufacturer of electric vehicles, the space exploration and rocket company SpaceX, Neuralink which is developing a machine in which we will be able to transfer our memories and personalities, and The Boring Company which digs transportation tunnels to relieve traffic jams and facilitate travel in large cities. 
For many people, CEOs running two companies is almost unreal, especially since all four of Musk's companies play or aspire to play leading roles in their respective industries.
But all these responsibilities do not seem to frighten the serial entrepreneur who goes from one company to another without great difficulty. In addition to his role as a charismatic leader and visionary – he is generally the one who develops the strategy and vision behind these companies – he is also the face and the voice of these firms whose merits and exploits he praises on his Twitter account, which has 104.3 million followers at last check, making Musk one of the most influential personalities in the world.
Like other influencers, Musk has also become a celebrity. His notoriety goes far beyond business and tech circles. Musk also arouses passions. His fans and admirers seem devoted to him as a kind of cult. They see him as an icon. 
His detractors think he's megalomaniacal, egotistical and believe that he is a reflection of everything that's wrong in society. Some even call him meme CEO because he's the biggest supporter of meme coins including Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency created as a joke to make fun of speculation in the crypto industry. His support for Dogecoin has rallied many retail investors around the token, which is the tenth largest digital currency in terms of market value ($8.44 billion).
Musk is aware of the influence he now has over millions of people who watch all his statements. He has just shared on Twitter the secrets of his diet to lose weight.
"On advice of a good friend, I’ve been fasting periodically & feel healthier," Musk tweeted on Aug. 28, referring to to strict fasting which consists of not eating for a certain number of days, being satisfied with water, broths and herbal teas.
He added that: "The Zero fasting app is quite good."
The revelation sparked many comments on the networks.
"How many lbs have you lost? Sub 800 calories a day does wonders & the cravings go away too after a few days," financier Sven Henrich, founder of, asked the billionaire.
"Over 20 lbs down from my (unhealthy) peak weight," he responded.
Musk's revelations come weeks after photos of him shirtless on a boat in Greece circulated on social media often with unflattering comments.
Intermittent fasting, or fasting, is a diet that consists of alternating periods of fasting (food deprivation) and periods of normal eating. You fast for a certain number of hours (or days depending on the protocols) in order to put your body at rest.
For example, you can eat nothing for 16 hours (16/8 method) by skipping the evening meal or breakfast. Some also decide not to eat for a whole day, Monday for example. Other people choose the 5/2 method: they limit themselves to 500-600 calories over 2 days of the week and the rest of the week they eat normally. There is also alternate fasting where you fast every other day.
Throughout the fasting period, if food is not allowed, nutritionists advise to continue to hydrate with water, tea and herbal teas.
Intermittent fasting is seen as a quick way to lose weight in the short term, especially reducing fat. There is however some adverse effects: dehydration, a state of drowsiness, difficulty falling asleep and a little irritability, nutritionists warn.
Before it became fashionable, fasting was practiced for religious reasons such as for Ramadan.
His diet reveal is one of the first things Musk decided to talk about as part of a new trend he just launched: he promised to share his secrets and inspire others to do the same.
"From time to time, I will share some things that seem to be working for me, in case you find it helpful," the tech mogul promised.
"Please share some things in this thread which are working for you in life & that others may find helpful!" he added.
Thousands of likes and comments had already been posted at the time of writing.


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