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Dental hygiene is an important thing that must be focused on while grooming yourself (Representative Image: Shutterstock)
Dental hygiene is an important thing that must be focused on while grooming yourself. Bad breath can be the reason why people avoid you or make a conversation with you. Bad breath or ‘halitosis’ can make a bad impression, but do not worry, there are certain foods to avoid and tips to keep bad breath at bay.
Garlic and onions are on the top of the list which promotes bad breath. These foods include sulfur compounds that linger in the mouth and are also absorbed in the bloodstream when one exhales.
Coffee and alcohol help oral bacterial growth. They also have a drying effect which reduces saliva growth and allows foul-smelling bacteria to grow and linger in the mouth. Dairy products also promote and trigger bad breath.
Orange juice, soda, and meat are also foods that trigger bad breath. It is essential to rinse your mouth after consuming these food items to avoid bad breath. Certain health conditions can also result in bad breath. Blocked sinus passage and post-nasal drip also result in bad breath.
Foods like raw vegetables and fruits including apples, pears, carrots, and celery produce saliva which cleans the odour-producing bacteria. These foods are rich in fibre and act as natural toothbrushes when consumed.
Probiotic yoghurt contains good bacteria and can help combat bacteria that cause bad breath. Herbs like parsley contain polyphenols and natural chemicals which work as bad breath remedies.
Cherries remove the smell of methyl mercaptan which is a bad breath-causing gas that naturally occurs in food. Green tea contains catechins which is a natural antioxidant that can help in fighting bad breath-causing bacteria.
Consuming water or odour fluid helps flush the bits of food bacteria from the mouth. Drinking water also promotes the production of saliva which is a constant cleansing agent. It helps stinky substances to dissolve.
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