June 8, 2023

Losing weight depends on a lot of factors and, as such, everyone’s journey is different. But, according to experts, one thing remains common — that one of the most effective ways to achieve ideal weight is by making certain lifestyle changes and staying committed to them.
In fact, instead of focusing on spot reduction, it is essential to burn body fat first, nutritionist Nidhi Gupta wrote in an Instagram post.
“You may want to lose weight primarily from hips, thighs, tummy but you can’t control which fat your body burns first. Fat is stored in fat cells throughout the body. Some people have more fat cells in certain ‘trouble’ spots, which means these areas are more prone to plump up. When you reduce the calorie intake, your body mobilises stored fat and converts it into usable energy,” Gupta said.
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According to Gupta, women have more body fat as compared to men. “Women tend to store extra fat in the hips during pregnancy. If your waist is more than 35 for a woman and 40 for a man, it means you have a lot of visceral fat around your internal organs, and this increase your health risk,” she added.
To help you out, Gupta shared a list of lifestyle habits that you should make right away. “If you going to follow these simple rules, you will start seeing results in just two weeks,” she noted.
*Eat whole, natural foods such as lean protein, fresh vegetables, fruits, and low fat dairy
*Aim for a safe, reasonable 1-2 pounds per week rate of weight loss by creating a 500-1000 calorie deficit in a day.
*Move more.
*Limit your intake of added sugar and sodium.
*Don’t drop below 1,200 calories if you are a woman and 1,800 calories if you are a man.
*First fill half of your plate with salad, then a quarter with whole grains, and the last quarter with protein.
*Add 15-20 minutes of walk every morning and evening
What can help?
*Fifty minutes of strength training three days a week, two days of good cardio, two days of light workout which includes climbing stairs, skipping, and walking 10,000 steps.
*Home cooked meals, clean eating even when dining outside.
“Never aim for quick and unrealistic results. Spot reduction is not possible. Overall calorie deficit, workouts help,” she mentioned.
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