March 30, 2023

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Maria Antonietta, a psychoneurologist PhDc and certified holistic practitioner, brings her expertise online to adapt to the new normal and empower more women to achieve the successful and healthy life they’re meant to live. She offers one-on-one coaching and curated wellness plans, thoughtfully aligned to each person’s individual needs and goals.
“My mission is to educate women about healthy eating, sleeping, exercise, and mental wellness habits through personalized coaching so that they can live healthier and feel more beautiful,” says Maria.
Included in her program are mindful conversations and action-driven tips toward longevity.
Maria believes that longevity’s secrets are the foundation of a healthy and harmonious lifestyle and existence. She emphasizes that creating a foundation for achieving and maintaining a healthy existence should be our priority. To achieve this basic, it is essential that we continually focus our attention on specific areas that shape our physical, emotional, and mental development. The three primary areas that need special attention are nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. We will be able to live a longer, healthier, and happy life when we can focus on these three basic areas of self-development.
Her coaching sessions integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and all that isneeded in one’s journey to better health.
Maria keeps things authentic and generous in sharing all the trade secrets and recipes that brought fundamental transformation to her life. She’s uncompromising in sharing her own experiences in her wellness journey and using them as motivation for others. According to her, she never recommends anything that she, herself, hasn’t used or experienced.
Changing habits to overcome roadblocks is rarely easy. For many, it’s often an overwhelming ordeal. Maria’s holistic coaching services are designed to guide each individual into making simple but smart lifestyle changes to transform for the better and get where they need to be. She works as an accountability partner and a trusted confidant dedicated to sharing her deep knowledge about food and nutrition, supplements, exercise, and relaxation, through well researched advice.
Maria’s solution-focused and emphatic approach to health and wellness has brought positive transformative experiences that lead to self-healing, better self-esteem, improved physical and mental health, and spiritual and emotional growth. Expanding her practice and adjusting to the new normal, Maria now offers online sessions and programs.
Maria’s online programs include Personalized Beauty and Wellness Plans, Community Wellness Coaching, Reiki Therapy, Guided Meditations, and Yoga Breathing.
Schedule a free introductory session with Maria Antonietta today and unlock a life of wellness. Find more information here:
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