June 8, 2023

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The Chase has long been an ITV viewer’s favourite and those who have been loyal fans of the show have watched as the quizzers have transformed themselves over the years. One of them is Mark Labbett, who has lost the most weight out of his team mates, having ditched a whopping 10 stone.
But how did he do it?
The Chaser has spoken openly about his transformation and he’s showing no signs of stopping.
Known as “The Beast” on the popular quiz show, Mark credited several factors that “came together nicely” to help him slim right down.
When he made his first TV debut in 2003, he weighed a whopping 29 stone at his heaviest.
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Now, he’s now the “smallest” he’s been in the last 30 years, having shed 63kg.
And his exercise plan is simple – crediting his adorable golden retriever as his “personal trainer” by helping him kick-start his new fitness routine.
Mark explained that his pooch Baloo, kept him motivated to keep fit during his appearance on ITV’s The Pet Show.
He told hosts Dermot O’Leary and Joanna Page: “My wife promised me that when we first got him she would take care of everything – feeding him, walking him and so on.
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“That lasted about two weeks before she decided, ‘Actually Mark, look at your belly – you need the exercise!’
“I was walking him around the fields, taking me places… I think he’s helped a lot, simply because I’m doing more activity.”
Just a brisk 30 minute walk can burn 150 calories or more, so if people incorporate it into their daily routine they will be on track to burn more than 1,000 extra calories just by keeping active.
The 56-year-old has also lost another four inches off his chest and six inches off his belly in just six months.
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He told ITV’s Loose Women last year that he dropped a few clothes sizes by eating a protein-rich diet and ditching carbohydrates, sugar and by cutting back on alcohol.
He explained: “I’m on a high protein diet, so eating an awful lot of meat and lean meat.
“As much as I love chips and other carbs, I’m having quite a bit less than I used to.
“And it’s sort of became a virtuous cycle, I’m not feeling that hungry, so you eat less, so you lose weight, so you’re not as hungry.”Celebrity weight loss transformations He told the panel that he lost weight “gradually”, and noticed his success when he went clothes shopping.
“I dropped Xs off my size, from 5XL to 4XL, and it looks like the next time I go shopping I’ll be able to squeeze into XL pants,” he beamed.
“Small things but important things.
“I’ve lost 10 stone, I was 29 stone when I was a full-time teacher in 2003 and I was in danger of high blood pressure.
“I’ve been around 26 stone up until lockdown, and then a few things happened quite nicely and came together and I started losing weight.”
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