April 1, 2023

A new portable AC can be everything you need to have a nice, quality summer without misery all day long. With NovaCool Portable AC, one of the latest air cooler models on the market, you can ensure you have that enjoyable summer while not spending too much.
Does the idea seem too good to be true? Read this review to understand more about this new offering and how it can help you to survive the summer without succumbing to the threat of unbearable heat.

What Is NovaCool AC?

NovaCool Portable AC is a 3-in-1 personal air cooler that can save your days during the summer. It can be used outdoors and indoors because it uses a battery, and it will decently cool down a single small-sized room or help one not feel so much heat when outside.
This air cooler uses highly efficient filters, too, so it can work as an air purifier and humidifier while simultaneously diminishing the overall temperature of a room. This way, you can use it without worrying about problems such as microbes in the air.
Overall, the portable NovaCool air cooler is durable, well-made, and won’t cost too much to operate, as it cools down small spaces.


NovaCool AC Pros and Cons


  • It’s a 3-in-1 portable air cooler, allowing you to cool down temperatures, humidify a room, and filter out dust from the air.
  • Utterly free of annoying noises.
  • Excellent for people who live alone or in small houses or apartments.
  • Does not use a lot of electric energy.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


The NovaCool Portable Air Cooler can only cool small rooms, not a whole house.
Larger families will have to purchase more than a single unit.

How the NoveCool Air Cooler Works

The new NovaCool Portable AC uses a special evaporation technology, which evaporates the hot air in living spaces and cools down the air as it passes through the device using water. This makes the room humidified at the same time that it brings its temperature down.
With a battery that lasts around 10 hours, you can take the NovaCool Portable AC with you wherever you go and keep the cold temperatures for the best part of the day.
Using NovaCool AC is pretty simple. Just charge the device, add water to the water curtain, and turn it on. It has three settings, ranging from a gentle breeze to a chilling speed. Just pick your favorite fan speed and start using it.


NovaCool Portable AC Main Features

This portable air cooler has:
3-in-1 capabilities: This device can purify the air, make it more humid and lower the room’s temperatures simultaneously.
Three cooling modes: You can pick between three different modes, ranging from the mildest to the strongest one.
Multi-layer air-filtering: The product uses several layers to filter out the bacteria, viruses, and toxins that are in the air. This way, you won’t breathe them when the device is turned towards you.
Battery lasts up to ten hours, no matter how hot the day is. Because of this, you can take it outside without worries, as it’ll last the whole day.

Low power consumption: It uses less energy than traditional air conditioning systems. So, you can save money during the summer using the NovaCool Portable Air Cooler.
Noise-free operation: Unlike fans or some types of air conditioners, this product does not make a lot of noise.

NovaCool AC Pricing

Interested in purchasing a NovaCool Portable AC for a reasonably good price? Be sure to check SupremeDailyGadgetsDeal.com and find your first unit there. Typically, it’s sold for only $139.95, and you get a discount on your shipping and handling fees. However, at this moment, you can claim a unit for free by paying the shipping cost of $9.98 USD. The company offers a membership and a gift certificate worth $100.00 that can be used to purchase more items as a welcoming gift for joining the Consumer Direct Savings store.
The customer will be charged $68.49 for a one-month membership and each month after until canceling the membership by calling customer service at:

  • Customer Service: (855) 221-0148

The company also offers a 30-day guarantee for customers, and you can ask for a refund within this timeframe, no questions asked.


NovaCool Portable Air Cooler is a portable cooling system that can turn the year’s hottest months into something pleasant. If you can’t stand the hot air temperature anymore but don’t feel like spending a lot of money to solve the problem, there’s no better solution than purchasing the NovaCool Portable AC for your home.
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