March 26, 2023

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6 Healthy Snacks To Help You Lose Weight
Updated : August 25, 2022 18:08 IST
Snacking can increase your intake of nutrient-dense meals like fruits and vegetables, which the majority of people do not eat enough of.
Snacking is the activity of eating meals throughout the day that are not your main meals. Between meals, snacks are frequently smaller meals. While research on whether snacking helps with weight reduction is conflicting, some evidence suggests that increasing your meal frequency through snacking may assist manage appetite and improve blood sugar regulation. Additionally, snacking can increase your intake of nutrient-dense meals like fruits and vegetables, which the majority of people do not eat enough of. Snack on protein, fibre, and healthy fats to keep you full throughout the day and help you make healthy choices at your next meal. Snacks can help you lose weight by regulating hunger and keeping you content between meals if you plan ahead of time and focus on nutrient-rich foods. No single snack will make you lose weight, but when paired with a healthy eating plan, these snacks might help. Here are some weight-loss-friendly snacks to include in your diet.

1. Red Bell Pepper With Guacamole
The combination of red bell peppers and guacamole provides plenty of nutrients that will keep you satisfied for hours. All bell peppers are good for you, but red bell peppers have a lot of antioxidants. Guacamole, on the other hand, is high in healthy fats, fibre, vitamins A, B, and C, as well as minerals like phosphorus and potassium.
2. Greek Yoghurt And Berries
A wonderful and nutrient-dense snack is plain Greek yoghurt and berries. Greek yoghurt is abundant in protein, and berries are one of the finest antioxidant sources available. To receive a variety of nutrients and a blend of sweet and sour flavours, add a mixture of different coloured berries to your yoghurt.
3. Peanut Butter And Apple
Apples and peanut butter are a nutritional and culinary combo made in heaven. On the one hand, apples are a high-fibre fruit. Peanuts, on the other hand, contain healthy fats, plant-based protein, and fibre — pretty much all of the filling ingredients you want in a snack. By combining apples and peanut butter, you can make a crunchy and creamy snack. For an extra taste boost, sprinkle with cinnamon. It’s worth noting that many store-bought peanut butter brands have extra sugars and oils. Examine the ingredient list and select one that has only peanuts and salt.
4. Dark Chocolate And Almonds
Dark chocolate and almonds make an excellent pairing. The rich chocolate flavour combined with the crunchy almonds is a potent flavour and healthy combination. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, and almonds are high in healthful fats. The two create an excellent combination for a heart-healthy, filling, and convenient snack. A couple of teaspoons of dark chocolate chips or a square of dark chocolate with a handful of almonds are both good options.
5. Fruit Piece
Healthy snacks don’t have to be difficult to prepare. A single slice of fruit can be extremely filling. Fruits that are portable and easy to eat include bananas, apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, and oranges. Fruit is high in fibre and nutrients and makes an excellent mini snack. To make your fruit more satisfying, combine it with nuts or yoghurt.
6. Hard-Boiled Eggs
One of the healthiest and best foods for weight loss is an egg. They are quite filling due to their high protein content. New research indicates that moderate egg consumption, which is defined as 3–4 eggs per week, may benefit arterial stiffness, a risk factor for heart disease. Hard-boiled eggs are also a convenient and quick way to get a high-protein snack while on the road. Keep the yolk for essential elements including vitamin D and choline.
7. Protein Smoothies
A protein smoothie can be a satisfying snack to tide you over until your next meal. They’re a quick and easy way to up your protein consumption. For a nutrient-dense snack, you can add almost any other ingredient to the mix, from fruits and vegetables to healthy fats like avocado, nut butter, or chia seeds. While you can experiment with different protein powders to discover the one that works best for you, you can also try Greek yoghurt or silken tofu to increase the protein content of your smoothie.
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