February 2, 2023

Camden resident Susie Shapiro-Laidlaw is organizing a three-day retreat, Sept. 23-25, to offer holistic and spiritual based teachings that are not commonly accessible, or familiar yet, to many. TheUnfold Retreat will take place primarily in Pascal Hall in Rockport Village, a renovated church perched above Rockport Harbor, and provide access to learning more, or practicing on a deeper level, the energy arts, meditation, trauma healing, astrological readings, kids mindfulness and meditation, akashic records, medical intuition, Rolfing, yoga and holistic skincare.  
“There will be three days of body, mind, soul, and spirit immersion to help heal and illuminate – to find ritual, value and meaning in one’s life,” said Laidlaw.
She is scheduling Unfold in late September, in hopes that participant calendars will have settled down, that guests will enjoy the beauty of early autumn in Maine and, “people are more ready for regrouping and centering in the start to a new season, especially entering into winter. — A great time to unfold!”
A former event planner, and as one who appreciates fine organic food and yoga, she has dreamt over the years of producing a retreat that focuses on health and spirituality.
“However, and over time, my realm of interest changed,” she said. “By default,  based on my need for support after years of suffering from an intense concussion, chronic Lyme, and then COVID, there were moments where I felt at rock-bottom.”
She was told by a small handful of doctors that she suffered from depression and anxiety from being an “overtired overworked mom.”  
She was told to go home and rest for 24 hours, take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.
“Unwilling to accept prescriptions and that diagnosis, I decided to try a holistic approach,” she said. “I had always been intrigued with and found great comfort in intuitive healers.  But in this chapter, I needed whatever there was to help me heal emotionally and physically.  I felt desperate.  Fast forward from January 2020 until now, my healing time;  I feel myself. I feel strong and capable again.  I can feel happiness and gratitude so easily again, whereas before, darkness overtook.  And I am filled with hope, which I think I was losing.”
Laidlaw attributes that to naturopathic care, consistent intuitive healing sessions, and astrological and Akashic readings.  
“I spent over eight weeks in an (at home) program retraining my brain, also known as Neuroplasticity or limbic retraining, which for me was the final puzzle piece to feeling whole again,” she said. “Consistent meditation and breathing work have become a daily practice within our home.”
Now, she wants to share that which she has learned, and find similar healing powers of holistic medicine, sacred arts and spirituality.
“ I feel like the door is opening to this realm here in the Western world,” she said. “My work with Unfold is to connect. I do not claim to be a guru or practitioner of any sort, but I am a spiritual and sacred arts junkie and I have always loved to be a bridge for people.   I am also a bit of a healer- I heard that in my first intuitive reading many years ago and I loved that.”
In addition to Laidlaw, practitioners at Unfold will include Dr. Candida Schwartz, Christina Montano, Alle Weil, Rachel Felson, Ananur Forma and Lucy Spalding.
To find more information on attending the retreat, or to discuss the details, visit unfoldinmaine.com
IG @unfold.in.maine 
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